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  1. Default [1.2.334] Finishing Mechanic

    One changed animation - Meditation.

    All of the mechanic gear was changed (the equips that are attached to the mech). Each equip can give +1 to a skill. The skill it can give +1 to is dependent upon the level of the equip (level 30 gives a 2nd job skill, level 70 gives a 3rd job skill). Like the reverse equips, there's only a 10% chance of getting the +1. It's not much, but it's nice to have.

    A lot of the data added implies that they are done swapping around skills. The icons for skills were finalized, sounds added, and all reverse items updated to reflect mechanic skills. Also, it looks like there were a lot of animation and delay changes for the Laser ability (not the FSAoE one).

    Also, can anyone provide an explanation for the earrings below?


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    Nice earrings. *patches KMST* o.o

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    Rofl does it mean they can reach the lvl like Combat Arms?

    and Fiel can u post the delay of missle tank shot.

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    Fu'cking pimp bling, that's what.

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    I have no idea what that means. I never played CA.

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    is frontier Earing( Probably/ Ice/cold Earings) i mean the WK skill Combat orders sry.

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    WYSIWYG. No hidden attributes on that thing.

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    I think he somehow means Combat Orders.

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    New Meditation is awesome. No clue on the earrings though.

    Fiel, could you post all the Mechanic delays(that is, if they're all done). I'm mainly interested in Heavy Machine Gun, Laser Blast and Missile Tank(normal attack). I know there was a list somewhere but I can't find it and it seems like lots of things were changed since that list was posted(if anyone could direct me there I'd appreciate it). Anyway, good job like you always do.

    EDIT: found the list with the delays here

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    새로운 곳에서 100레벨을 달성한 사람들의 개척정신을 드높인 사람들에게 지급되는 귀고리다.
    -> google translate

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    guys u posted the missle tank delay, but not the Delay of the attack O_O"!


    1:46-1:48 its 4shots.

    so i think its something beetween 0.3MS-0.5MS with booster

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    I think so..
    or if you make it up to lvl100( mechanic )..

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    Frontier Earings
    what so special about it?

    Oh, did perfect armor get a skill icon/animation yet?

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    I just keep feeling better and better about making an AM. L> New Poison Mist animation :D

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    ok i asked my friend and she says the earrings are called frontier earring which we already know but there for a new server coming out called Frontier

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    Finally a sexy change to Meditation. Love it.

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    With presents that only a select few would ever want... Darn you Tay!

    Since there's still three more days until the last official patch, I'm guessing there will hopefully be more animation updates.

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    Please rework Flash Jump, please rework Flash Jump, please rework Flash Jump...



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