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  1. Default [1.2.332] Mechanic Changes

    C'mon, you guys knew this was coming.

    KOR Skill Tables updated. Clear your cache or CTRL + F5 to get the correct icons for the skills as some have changed.

    - New animation for Hyperbody (effect, affected)

    - New animation for Bless (effect, affected)

    - Boarding the battleship now gives more WDEF (100 --> 700), MDEF (100 --> 700), HP (0 --> 600), MP (0 --> 600). These boosts stack. No I don't know how it works with HB.

    Mechanic (I):
    - Drill Rush and Mechanic Booster swap places.
    - Healing robot and Atomic Hammer swap places
    - They pretty much redid this job from the ground up. Pretty sure every single skill got changed in one way or another. Time to redo the skill tables entirely!

  2. Default

    ...Every skill? So I'm guessing that's not all the changes? Oh boy.

  3. Default

    wonder if they'll change the icon for the new hb,bless, heal, etc. to match with the animation too

  4. Default

    They should have expanded on the old Hyper Body animation instead of making a whole new one.

  5. Default

    KOR tables updated. Clear your cache or CTRL + F5 to see the correct skill icons.

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    Is there a place where I can see ALL the redone animations since the first BB patch?

  7. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    They haven't changed any of the other icons, so I doubt it.

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    Aww man. Just checked it out. Drill Rush has a horrible delay now. Seems like Warrior's 4th job Rush now.
    EDIT: 3 Second delay

  9. Default

    How is that horrible? That's still pretty damned spammable, and has all sorts of nifty tricks to make it more effective.

  10. Default

    I could have sworn Heal had some other awesome effect when it hit enemies.

  11. Default

    I guess I'll ask this here instead of at the skill table thread. Why is Satellite listed three times? Do those three represent the damage ranges when 1, 2, and 3 Satellites are summoned respectively?

  12. Proton
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    ---MP 35소비, 최대 10명의 적을 170% 데미지로 공격--- ,drill rush goodbye good skill :'(
    20 ---MP 35 소비, 6명의 적을 420%의 데미지로 관통, 대상에게 3초간 기절효과 적용, 추가 크리티컬 확률 20%--- << didnt nerfed yey still awesome 420%
    20 ---MP 45 소비, 480% 데미지로 최대 6명의 적을 공격, 60% 확률로 3초간 기절효과 적용, 대상의 방어력 15% 무시--- << nooooooo from 900% to 480% why why why why why why why~!? oh well 480% for 2nd job is ALOT
    메카닉 부스터< stupid nexon i want this in first job back!
    힐링로봇 : H-LX< give me back my heal grrrr
    nexon make it like it was or elese....

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    Really considering making a DrK/Corsair with the animation/skill changes...
    *waits for changes to magic guard, chain lightning, big bang, other skill animations*

    Wonder how mechanics will play with the apparent nerfs.

  14. Default

    HB animation looks really cool, but it's a bit weird how the animation looks like some guy stabbed you o.O

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    They have changed a few, AFAIK.
    Edit: Apparently just Strafe's.

    A lot of the Adventurer's skills got revamped recently. I don't recall Fiel ever posting them, though. Spadow has them all on his blog.

    Skills that got revamped:
    Hyper Body
    Fire Burner
    Thunder Spear (Apparently?)
    MP Eater
    Cold Beam
    Booster (All but the Mage's Booster)
    Ultimate Strafe's icon was changed to the normal Strafe's icon but with 6 arrows instead of 4
    Combat Orders
    Mortal Blow
    Teleport (Apparently?)

    I'm just going off of what I can immediately see off of Spadow's blog. I'm not all that familiar with this pomegranate. Don't trust my word on this stuff. You'd have to confirm this with Fiel.

  16. Default

    Rarghhhhhhh. It's like they're changing everything except the WK animations

    And for some reason I liked the old HB animation better. I don't know why. Bless one is cool though.

  17. Default

    Oh goodie, they're giving random skills new animations now. Looks like I might yet just get my dark Flash Jump.

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    It seems they implemented the pre-BB version of the mechanic skills, and now this is the post-BB version. Let's see how it is.



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