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Thread: Transition Q&A

  1. Default Transition Q&A

    Thank you all for the typically warm reception in Fiel's announcement.

    My administrative style will be different from Paul's, yes there will be changes to the site, eventually, yes Paul is staying on and will continue extracting, yes I will be replacing myself with another moderation chief, eventually.

    What other questions do you have?

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    Do you disagree with any parts of the R&R currently? What changes do you have in mind?

    There's no reason to taunt us with the whole "YOU'LL SEE... EVENTUALLY" garbage; why not just tell us what you have in mind? Even if you haven't fully decided on what you want to add or remove from Southperry, you could at least give us a general idea of what to expect in the next couple of months.

  3. Default

    I spy colour change lol...

    but I suspect server change too...

    maybe new forum skin...

    ...Eos' own little "server xfer, name change" page n fun little apps. Ya know.

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    I can't tell you exactly what to expect because there's things that haven't been decided and there's a whole slew of feasibility tests that need to be run on most of the ideas I have, and some pieces are still tied up until transition completes 100% at the end of the month.

    I have to see for myself how the site can handle certain things, how self sustaining it is, and build out the appropriate compensation plan & contract for Fiel's services, so that will occupy at least the first 30 to 60 days before I can truly get to experimenting with the rest of things.

    There's a hefty learning-what-everything-can-do-and-tweaking-it period, that's why everything goes in the 'eventually' pile.

    For the more obvious changes - Fiel & my ranks have changed, including colors, some people have been unbanned, some infractions have been reversed, some minor changes have been made to the CSS trying to fix bugs and I've been working on addressing some of the quirks Fiel left me in his transition caveats list.

    The R&R is going to be cleaned up a bit more, specifically in regards to the porn rule, which seems to confuse people since it's more about indecency/obscenity than outright porn. There may be other tweaks, but that's the one I'm aware of being on the to do list just now.

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    Can we ask for the reasons for the overturned bans and reversed infractions? Perhaps decisions made by Paul that you didn't agree with?

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    Mainly in response to that post:

    1. Is Fiel being paid now, or something?

    2. Why are people being unbanned? Is it due to specific changes in the R&R? Who has been unbanned?

    3. Can you clarify how the "porn" rule will be changed?

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    There are only two people currently left on the BoS list if I recall correctly. So I'm guessing derp boy (I have no clue how to spell his godawful forum ID). Unless of course he's referring to temporary bans, in which case I wouldn't have the slightest clue as to who those would be. Fiel, to the best of my understanding, has always had a little chunk of money that he pockets every month or so after all of the sites expenses have been paid (this could very well be wrong). It's understandable considering the amount of effort he puts into everything.

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    I've just noticed.

    Thank you really much. :)

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    I reversed infractions in this thread for the stated reason. People are allowed to be shocked and express opinions, although they should remember to do so respectfully.

    For a similar reason I removed a ban and am evaluating others.

    1) Fiel's always been paid for his services previously, I wouldn't expect him to continue here without some similar compensation, the exact details of which will remain private unless he chooses otherwise.
    2) Already answered
    3) Clarification and renaming most likely. Specifics will be forthcoming, since both the users and mods are having issues finding the line still.

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    I'm assuming your online times will be different then Fiels. Could you estimate around what times can we look for you to be online?

  11. Default

    I don't have a set schedule. I'm online fairly often but to what degree of attention where is unpredictable.

  12. Default

    Will it be possible to donate through Amazon in the future? I am having problems with paypal.

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    What can we expect from you? As in this: Paul's been known for caring a lot about his userbase, for putting a lot of effort in making this the most enjoyable MS forum around, for trying to come up with fair policies for everyone and for being like the cool uncle we always want to have.

    That's my question.

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    I'm not certain but I'll add it to the list of things to look into, along with Google Checkout.
    Rob - I can't really answer that question the way you're looking for, it's really based on perception and a bit too broad. My hands have been all over the existing policies and their interpretation for long enough now that I'd have to imagine the reality won't change much, but whether or not people look at it differently because it's me rather than Paul is another matter.

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    At least, will you try to approach the userbase in a more friendly way, even if it's not your best attribute? That's the main reason people view you as kinda ''tyrannic'' (due to lack of a better term).

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    I will continue making every effort to deal with all users fairly and politely, but it's always been my policy that administration should be fairly transparent.
    Our job is to ensure the system works and continues to evolve and provide a place for the community, and to help keep that community within a desired framework.

    Ideally the more consistently the site and the users behave appropriately, the less you should see of us as staff.

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    Fair enough. Taking your word.

    See ya around~

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    It looks like Periwinkle to me...

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    It's slate blue and I prefer it. Also left me give Indigo to the extractors so Fiel could stay the same color he's always been.



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