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  1. Default [1.2.318] All changed mobs

    Mob FAQ

    Q. What is Effective HP?
    A. Effective HP takes into account the enemy's hidden stats "PDRate" and "MDRate". These values are a multiplier against all damage to the mob. If the PDRate is equal to 10, then all of your damage is reduced by 10%. If it's 90, then your damage is reduced by 90%. Instead of listing another variable, the HP values here are listed to take account for this reduction in damage. The problem in the Maplestory data is that two mobs can have the same HP but have different PDRates/MDRates. For example, imagine two mobs with 1000 HP each, but one has a PDRate of 0 and the other has a PDRate of 99. For the first, you would have to effectively do 1000 HP worth of damage. For the second, you would have to effectively do 100,000 HP worth of damage even though both mobs have the same amount of HP. Using effective HP simplifies these reductions and allows you to properly divide HP by EXP to find the best suitable mobs for your level.

    Q. How does Mob Avoid work?
    A. See this thread

    Q. How does Mob accuracy work?
    A. See this thread

    Q. How are you calculating touch damage?
    A. With the recent Big Bang updates, the touch damage is listed in the maplestory data files. The damage listed is the maximum touch damage the enemy will do to you. This damage is further reduced by potential equipment and Weapon Defense.

    Q. Your mobs aren't listed in the right order.
    A. Deal with it.

    Q. Level 200 - 209? There are level 200+ mobs in the data?!
    A. lol. No, there aren't. It's just part of the algorithm I use to partition mobs into different spoilers.

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  2. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    So much for Ariant being noob-friendly.

    They completely raped Nihal Desert.

  3. Default

    *laughs heartily*

    Yeah, THAT'S how you make high leveled content! Whatever, we'd be at those monsters anyway, at least now they'll take more damage and give more exp. 390k hp on oblivion guards, I guess snipe won't be completely useless. Would've made more sense to introduce the new scrolling system after these changes rather than before.

    edit: wait a minute. The HP almost tripled but the EXP is nearly the same? So that's their trick. I guess we'll all be training on horntail and pink been now.

  4. Default

    That means they have to redo all the quests!
    Well..just exp and rewards

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    10 edits later, I got the monsters in proper level order. I have some OCD =/.

  6. Default

    More HP....barely an exp increase.

    Would it be possible to get new avoids, if they do have?

    Thanks a ton for this Fiel.

  7. Default

    Yup, but this totally demands for a character cleaning, I mean what about the quests?

    Now Im completly confused about this patch.

  8. Default

    Does Pink Been still have P resist?

  9. Default

    lol i know. 2006 all over again <3

  10. Default

    o____O Why do the higher level mobs have such ridiculously high amounts of HP? Guess damage for everyone in general must have gone up as a result of the skill changes. Otherwise, that makes no sense at ALL. Also, LOL @ COOLIE ZOMBIES being over level 100. Same with yetis.

  11. Default

    I find it hilarious that Zombies will be a decent training spot for 12x characters. Just like old times, eh?

  12. Neutron
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    Looks like they tried to consolidate all the same level stuff into the same area. Monster drops will have to be redone too...don't want level 30 gear dropping from level 80 monsters in Ariant.

  13. Flatpanel TV
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    Holy crap, they superpowered all the mobs. Talk about not very noob friendly. Ariant, and Ludi are mid level training spots now. 150+ crowds say yay?

  14. Default

    It reminds me a lot of what private servers do. After you rebirth yourself enough and get enough godly equips in a private server you can kill everything in one hit, so how do you fix this? Give monsters higher HP.

  15. In my dreams... Gay Male
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 215
    Job: Hoyoung
    Alliance: KATYPERRY


    Stretched all exisitng monsters over the 200 levels, thus "creating" high-level content.

  16. Default

    I think this is weird..
    I mean. The monsters DONT fit in with the given level
    Ticks are lvl 68? They honestly do NOT look that high leveled



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