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Thread: [GMS] [0.86] Patch Highlights

  1. Default [0.86] Patch Highlights

    Welcome, Guests and Users, to version 86 extraction!

    If you are new here. I encourage you guys to register for an account. Please comment about this extraction, or feel free to drop me a comment here in this thread.

    Make sure to check out the most recent addition to the website - Ultimate Skill Tables - which will help you in all of your skill planning!

    I'm really finding a lot to like about this patch, so read on!


    Balance Patch

    The most obvious change about this patch is the Explorer rebalancing. You can find resources on everything included in this rebalancing in the following two threads:

    General overview of skill changes
    Skill tables of all rebalanced skills - level by level

    I have not checked to see if there are any surprises here yet. If there are, I will be sure to make you aware of them. The Ultimate Skill Tables will be updated tonight to reflect all of these changes.

    Also, many of the skill strings were changed to properly reflect all of the new Explorer changes. These will be added to the skill tables as well.


    Dual Blade Information

    I do see a plethora of dual blade skills and related items, such as scrolls. The skill data for dual blades are fully here, but the skill strings are not present.


    Golden Temple

    In case you haven't heard the music for this, you can download the MP3s here (Right click --> Save As):

    Gold Temple Dungeon
    Gold Temple Town
    Gold Temple Field

    Of course, with the Golden Temple, you also get the new White Monkey pet!

    All of the other relevant data for the Golden Temple can be found in the traditional extraction.


    Set Items

    Yes! Set items are coming to a GMS near you! These set items are all related to the Android Items that are part of something related to Neo City. There are five items in the set:

    Collect 2 Items: +2 All Stats, Speed +10, ACC +10
    Collect 4 items: +4 All Stats, Speed +15, ACC +15, WATK +5
    Collect 5 Items: +5 All Stats, Speed +20, ACC +20, WATK +10, MATK +15

    If you get the complete set, you also get a cool effect behind you:

    Try to collect them all and good luck.


    One-A-Day Items

    Looks like Nexon is giving you a reason to come back day-after-day. They now introduce their One-A-Day Items. I don't know much about it, but here are some images from it:


    Logout Gifts

    Anyone for some logout mules? When you logout, apparently you have a random chance of receiving a gift.


    Funny MapleTV Change

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  2. Default

    Logou Gifts? Sounds stupid.

  3. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    Heh heh, going for the "Blog" approach now, eh Fiel?

    ...I wonder what the prizes for logging out are...

  4. Default

    Fiel Thanks as always! Just one small thing. Maybe it's just me if it is don't fix it for my sake XD But the BGM for the Temple doesn't work.

  5. Default

    Just for highlights. I'm going to do the traditional extraction in the other thread.

  6. Default

    I think this is a good approach to help newer users get the general info for the newest patch
    that will be most relevant to them. Thumbs up :)

  7. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    This is a great idea Fiel. Very informative and easy to read. =)

  8. Default

    I like it.

    Does this mean you'll be remaining as Chief Extractor or whatever under the new administration?

  9. Default

    Anyone notice some of the IGNs for the friend finder Maple TV thing? lol

  10. Can you hear it?
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    Findyourbuddy best ign

    I like the new patch highlights edition

  11. Default


  12. Helium Atom
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    to Fiel

    can you check if they cut assasination charge time and delay on ds? cause i dont see them mentioning it in patch notes...
    T____T hope shadowers didnt get a huge kick in their asses cause basically thats 2 of 3 most helpful changes for shads

  13. Default

    Any idea what the new battleship hp formula is?

  14. Default

    Lol at those subliminal messages. I'm surprised there was no BUY_NX_NOW character.

  15. Mercury Straight Male
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    It would take a beating with 1/1's anyways regardless, wouldn't it? It's not like you have to wash to the point where your ships taking so much higher hits where it significantly reduces your ship time.

  16. Mercury
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    PLAY_MS_NOW redirects to Fangblade (at least, that's what it's doing for me). They want Fangblade back? ;o

  17. Default

    It just does it for the first character on the list you're looking at, KhainiPriest is mine. Names can't use underscores so it's natural that searching them on ranks might be a bit glitchy.

  18. Default

    So did I until I got mine.



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