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  1. Default R&R: Results of collaboration week

    Finals and a whole bunch of other life stuff got in the way during the past week so I wasn't able to roll out these changes as soon as I would have liked, but here are the changes I've implemented since the last version of the R&R that I posted:

    Pornography ban reduced to 8 points
    Mods were more willing to give out warnings and felt apprehensive about giving out permanent bans due to the 16 point infraction being high. Reducing the infraction cost of Pornography means that mods are not so apprehensive about it and that the meaning of this rule does not get pushed due to lack of willingness to ban for it. Also, less drama from bannings is a good thing.

    "Adbot" rule changed
    There are now two separate infractions for advertising. The first one is for those users who advertise and then there's an infraction for adbots. It's unfair to treat regular members who advertise as an adbot.

    Transactions rule changed
    Added "Non-Nexon sanctioned NX transactions" to the list

    Flooding rule slightly changed
    Emphasized that those who make 3 or more blog posts in a 24 hour period is also flooding.

    "One Rule" and rule-related stickies removed from the Funhouse
    Yeah, you all knew this one was coming. Instead, the rules are now in the R&R for what is and is not allowed in the Funhouse.

    Reported for X, Enjoy your Y remains
    We have decided not to remove this. It's not funny no matter how many times its said.

    Probationary bannings
    This is a no go. The problem before was that users were never sure if they were BoS or allowed to come back once being banned and they had to go through several bannings before realizing that "Hey, you're BoS." So, as before where you were only BoS if I said you were, now you are BoS unless I say you're not. This removes confusion about the whole process. Also, probationary bannings leads to a lot of administrative overhead as we have to manage users differently to handle all of the additional rules that have to be put into place just for a user that couldn't follow those rules to begin with.

    For moderators and regular users
    Due to these rules not being official until today, I am extending warning week until next week. On Thursday, May 20, the rules will go into full force.

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    Not like it'll change anyone's life.

    ...although it may set a precedent.

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    It's an internet meme for god's sake. It's not like we invented it. I've seen it anywhere, and always used in a funny way. I don't understand.

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    But Rick Rolling involves fooling the user with a link. Posting: ''Reported for trolling, enjoy your ban.'' is a mere post. You can skim over it and no one would care. I find it funny sometimes, like ''Reported for ragequitting, enjoy your comeback'' for ShiKage. You get it? I DONT SEE NO HARM

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    Sigh I quit.

  7. Default

    Why don't you ban all internet memes why you're at it? It makes absolutely no sense to ban that particular thing; it's so minor.

  8. Default

    Restricting the use of that phrase is extreme, and I recall collaboration led to the conclusion the majority sees no harm in it.

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    -insert "Fiel's site, Fiel's say"-
    i agree though that prohibiting that phrase isnt as serious as any other issue. sure it's a meme, but so is "so i herd u liek mudkipz," for instance. no real harm in it, and really trying to argue it is just fishing for a point. like the kid with a learning disability in school, just ignore it and go on your way.

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    Yeah, it's better to argue with a moderator that isn't so narrow minded. Just sayin'. And it's not like this is the first time that we've seen words/phrases being censored (derp anyone?). Can't say I agree with it, but Paul's going to do what Paul wants to do, lol.

    All in all am fairly happy with the adjustments.

  11. Default

    That would be insulting Shikage. Whether or not you agree with his actions, making fun of people like that is highschool stuff...

  12. Default

    Thanks a lot for this fiel, this clarifies a lot of stuff.

  13. Default

    Because it has no value.
    • It can never be on topic in any thread, because it's a meta reference to the behavior of another person in the thread rather than the topic itself.
    • It can only generate additional deviation from the thread if anyone replies to it, or additional drama

    The latter is why it's not even allowed in the funhouse - Because we don't allow drama llamas there.

    There is absolutely nothing funny, helpful or needful in a post that boils down to 'nyah nyah i'm telling on you'. Tell on someone or do not. Rubbing their faces in it, even jokingly, is just stirring up crap.

  14. Default

    May I see examples of such situations? As it stands, I have never seen any such drama resulting from "Reported for X, Enjoy your Y."

    I agree with the "general" consensus. There is no real harm in it.

  15. Default

    No. I feel absolutely no need to hunt through the forums looking for examples to prove to you it happens when it takes very little logic to see that "I'm telling on you" is a childish and pointless thing that can accomplish absolutely nothing positive.

    If you report someone and they've done something wrong a moderator will explain to them what they did wrong.

    If you can see why it's wrong to accuse someone of trolling you should be just as capable of seeing this. Swapping it out with another form of infraction doesn't improve it.

  16. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    This implies any kind of derailment in the Funhouse is not allowed. Also, I do not recall there being drama from the "Reported for X, Enjoy your Y" bit. At most it would derail a thread, but not bring in drama. It's a ridiculous enough phrase that people aren't going to take it seriously.

    And honestly. the "nyah nyah i'm telling on you" is really redundant, because I don't even think more than a handful of the posts that made the "Reported for X, enjoy your Y" comments even pressed the report button. I can understand it being a problem anywhere BUT the funhouse. Heck, not a single one of my own "Reported for X, enjoy your Y" comments ever involved me pressing the report button once. It's as hollow a threat as people flaming/trolling one another in the Funhouse.



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