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  1. xDae

    Default Animators United!

    Post your work :D

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    ajw9ahar9a9wn that's really awesome, lol! i'm a less than mediocre animator (meaning i can barely animate) but yours is really great.

  3. Proton
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    Tbh, I don't consider that animating, well not ANIMATING, but I don't consider that "Awesome". It is easy to simply take pre-made sprites and place them in a manner suitable.

    I would find an animation such as my friend 'Terkoiz' or 'Tentionmaru' on Stickpage Forums, makes awesome. This being because it is Real Flash Animation, made my erasing, and re-drawing between frames.

    Nothing against you though, mate. What I DID like was style.

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    This will definitely eat up my monthly bandwidth...

    My first "long" animation.

    My first simple one.

    My first one ever.

    @ZuWrath: What do you call these, again? Aside from placing pre-made sprites to form a moving picture show.
    Meh...animation to me is giving life to something simple.
    In this case, making simple images come to life instead of just being pictures.
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