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  1. Default New items not allowed in MTS Wanted Section

    This is only an extraction of the items that are no longer allowed as of patch 0.59.

    This does not include items that were banned before this patch. Only the newly banned items are listed below.

    This is a total of 626 new items blocked.
















    Throwing Stars

    Summoning Sack


    Mob drops

    Quest Items

    Event Items

    Written Guides


  2. Default

    is it just me or are the formosa ect dops in now?(possiblke hint?)
    Wild Dog Tail
    Wild Dog Shades
    Wild Dog Denture
    Monkey Bike
    Motorcycle Helmet

  3. Default

    Battle Hammer
    The Morningstar

    Damn. That's going to piss off quite a lot of BW WKs.

    And why exactly does NEXON ban certain items from MTS?

  4. Default

    they've been there forever, don't look too much into it.

  5. Deluxe Refrigerator Male
    IGN: GlaciaIWolf
    Server: Broa
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    Alliance: HighestLevel


    apperently you can still put that stuff in MTS.

  6. Default

    Nuu! Maple shields?! There goes my plan to get NX off of my shields.

    What's the point of blocking random items, anyway?

    All these blocked scrolls might hurt too.
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  7. Deluxe Refrigerator Male
    IGN: GlaciaIWolf
    Server: Broa
    Level: 146
    Job: Aran
    Guild: Forte
    Alliance: HighestLevel


    they're all event or gacha. so it's not random

  8. Default

    I'm gonna go out of the way and say its to keep these drops IN the market.

    As soon as the highest weapons in game are only available for excessive nx prices, it makes the game pay to play.

  9. Default

    I don't think Zipangu monster drops are event...or are they?

  10. Default

    Anyone know if banned items will ever be unbanned? Like a rotation sorta thing. "sorry, you'll have to wait till next month for so-and-so to be in season"

  11. Default

    banned item? do u mind me asking what r those? o.0

  12. Default

    Items blocked from mts. Like before, bows and claws weren't allowed to be sold on mts, but now they are. This thread has a list of new items that aren't allowed to be sold on mts. I would check mts but got a shop open atm =/

  13. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    I sorta find this (on Nexon's part) to be bull****

    But seriously - that's a lot of things that's going to shoo away MTS people for a bit. Well, good thing they didn't ban the Level 100/110 (Dragon weapons) from the MTS, because some HT groups I know of use MTS to keep their Mushie shops up....

  14. Default

    Try to put a new one up.

  15. Default

    Nope, unless an item is totally removed from the game, its there for a reason though.

    Again, I'm quite sure this is to get rid of the resell factor for weapons, and to keep new items from just being kept in an nx only marketplace.

    There are likely good reasons why most etc are unavailable, primarily due to quests, and possibly being nx based(gatch).

  16. Default

    I like how Dragon's Tail is up there three times. If that is a direct transfer of the list, we have proof someone hates that item. Any other items repeated like that?~

  17. Default

    Well, The Morningstar was repeated three times as well, so I guess it's safe to say that BW WKs just got flicked off badly by NEXON.

    And actually, a whole bunch of items were repeated like that. Any explanation as to why it's so?

  18. Default

    It is curious... I'd like to know too. o_o Maybe it has something to do with kMS data we have? I could throw ideas around, but I won't.~



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