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Thread: MP Eater

  1. Harrisonized

    Default MP Eater

    Looks like it finally has a use.



    I recommend future mages not to drop this important skill. Who knows how much MP they'll put in the mobs of new content.

  2. Default

    Hmm, seems nice to farm their etcs. Mp eater activating from Meteor plus one or two paralyzes seem good for a free meteor cast.

  3. Default

    Whoa. o_o
    That's insane. xD
    I'm not too familiar with builds, but why wouldn't you get MP Eater? Not like there's anything else much worse than it.

    According to Fiel's Extractions, FireBrand's second form has ten thousand MP. Form one having five. Other than Guardians having two thousand, everything else has a rather low MP.
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  4. Default

    With level 17 MP Eater, I get ~3.6k MP from the second from of Firebrand.

    This is almost enough to spam level 1 Blizzard without regard to MP and it is certainly enough to use Blizzard and get the MP back with a couple Ice Strikes and then use it again.

    Oh, and my Ice Demon first build is working swimmingly.

  5. Default

    *high fives Harrison*
    As a priest it is always useful.
    But ya...
    More high Mp mobs will come hopefully too.
    An aside- I love me some CK- all you haters can go Pinecone your self.

  6. Default

    FP who have both brace and fire arrow drop MP eater.

  7. Default

    Why not skip Slow or Meditate?

  8. Default

    FPs go by the logic that since they don't have freeze, they need to have slow.
    And since this game is a big damage comparison contest, dropping medi isn't advised.

  9. Default

    I'm so glad i have MP eater now.

    Also, lol magic armor

  10. Default

    Mage elixirs from NLC?
    I'd think in the long run, MP eater would pay for them anyway.

  11. Default

    ^ I agree. Best option is to drop medi. Why? Because NLC pots can easily provide you +20m.attk ..and if you dont have enough money to buy those can easily save money through mp eater xD So win-win

  12. Default

    I'm glad I'm I/L, so since I don't need slow, I can get medi and all the MP saved from MP eater is prophit :D

  13. Neutron
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    the amount of mesos that mp eater will save is less than the cost of having the 20 ma pots all the time, especially early on when monsters tend to have lower amounts of mp. the cost of the mage elixers is 5k. unless you can save 5k mesos worth of mp in 8 minutes, meditate is still more cost efficient. note that 5k mesos could buy you 5k mp with sorcerer elixers alone. i doubt mp eater will be absorbing 5k mp within the 8 minutes that the mage elixer is in effect.

    mp eater might save you more money for these monsters, but for just about every other monster, you lose money if you want to have the medi pot.
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  14. Default

    I didn't say it'll completely fund your costs for the mage pot, but it will save you money to be able to afford the mage pot more efficiently (if you want it).
    Anyhow, the mage pot isn't completely required for training as we all know 20mattk doesn't create that big of a difference. If a person doesn't mind it, then mp eater is probably a better way to go.

  15. Default

    As an fp, im planning just to not get as much medi. I'll max fire arrow, max pb, slow, mp eater, and get as much medi as is left over.

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    Dang i already maxed medi. If I try poison brace now, I can't max slow! Max slow, not brace. Max both, not tele. (and no mp eater besides the 5 for medi.) I'm screwed!

  17. Default

    youre fine, just dont max pb, you'll just have to cast it an extra 1ce or twice every once in a while.



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