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Thread: [Other] [TMS] [v109] Set Items!

  1. Default [TMS] [v109] Set Items!

    After GameMX showed me the following image on BasilMarket, I was a bit skeptical having seen many fake images there before:

    Set Item

    But, after downloading the newest patch from TMS, it's true. They do have set items.

    Here's a translation:

    2+ SET ITEMS:
    -- WDEF +20
    -- MDEF +5

    4+ SET ITEMS:
    -- WDEF +15
    -- MDEF +3
    -- STR +3
    -- DEX +3
    -- ACC +20

    6+ SET ITEMS:
    -- WDEF +15
    -- MDEF +3
    -- WATK +10
    -- Speed +10
    -- MaxHP +75

    So this means that cumulatively by collecting 6 items from the set you will receive...
    -- WDEF +50
    -- MDEF +11
    -- STR +3
    -- DEX +3
    -- ACC +20
    -- Speed +10
    -- WATK +10
    -- MaxHP +75

    Also, when you complete the set (there are eight items in the set, of which you can only equip six of them) you also get a spiffy looking animation. I'll do the animation and the set items extraction later.

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    If there are decent set gloves, helmets, and etc, I sense a huge drop in work glove and Zakum helmet prices...

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    I like the incentive to use armor and weapon sets. Other than the people who have high bases of their secondary stats, it's been inefficient for a while to use the higher level stuff. It'll be nice if they do more of this.

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    What's a "set item". Do you mean like a whole set of armour? As in glove, hat, shoe, weapon, etc.
    Slightly confused at the screenshot.

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    @ Above: It means if you wear specific items in a "set" you get a bonus in stats.

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    Pretty cool, I know a few games that already have something like this, and it's nice to see it come to Maple too.

    EDIT: That Axe/Pole-Arm only has a level requirement (50). So does that mean this set supports stat-less characters?

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    That axe appears to be statless...

    Edit: I just saw a picture of the overall, it too, is statless.

    @Below: I'm no W.ATT class, but the 10 W.ATT and 20 ACC make it seem worth it in my book, but those with more experience in these matters can clear that up for me.
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    The stat boosts doesn't seem that high, but it sure does try to balance the difference between funded and unfunded.

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    I wonder if Nexon would go through all the existing sets, like the level 90 Thief armor set, Osfa.

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    So, does only new items have sets? or do old items have sets? like a timeless set?

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    cool! incentive to wear your classes equips instead of WGs and bathrobes.

    but seriously, +6 total? give us something good, like at lease 10-20 total for getting a full set!

    I hope they go through all current class equips and make sets out of all of them. Finally People will look more unique!

    FIEL! WAIT WHA--??? 8 equips in a set? shoes+gloves+overall+hat+weapon makes 5 by my count...

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    hmm, lets see:

    eyes acc?

    that would be 8, but...
    1.- there are some classes that can wear tops
    2.- some classes cant equip shields
    3.- that much items to complete a set would be overdoing it

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    I would guess it would be weapon, shield, overall, shoes, earrings, hat, gloves, and cape for classes that wear shields; for those who don't, replace shield/overall with top/bottom.

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    Your choice of two different hats
    Your choice of two different overalls

    So yeah. Oops. Six items.

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    I pointed out a mistake, do i get some of that newfangled rep thingie stuff?

    Also, what are the "choices"? are we gonna have 2 hats/overalls a level now?

    Also, how are capes gonna work, there are only common capes...

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    They don't replace old regular items, you know. Last time I checked, those were brand new original items.

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    Cool, something new to MS. They're not the best items, but they're at least something!

    Can anyone translate the names of the items?

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    For the choices, there are two different hats that you can wear. Wearing either hat will count toward the number of set items you have. Therefore, you have a choice. Also, there is only one set out at the moment. Considering that the weapon is a polearm and it has an obvious Aran stylistic influence on it, I'd say it's Aran only for the moment. Who knows, though, they might start developing sets for other equips.

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    I'm going off assumptions here cause I didn't look at the pic but since you referenced axe I'd say it's warrior gear and almost all warrior gear is "stat-less" gear. There is no dex requirement for the vast majority of it.

    This is a step in the right direction but I don't think it's enough to see the more funded ditch their equips. Cool stuff either way.

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    Because TMS wasn't broken enough. Of course I'm not saying that this is a bad thing - it would encourage people to use more set items - but TMS is bad enough as it is.


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