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  1. Default [0.88] A lot of ground to cover

    First of all, yes there is Evan data but it's not fully complete. There are no skill strings.

    Cash Shop:
    There are other things I found in the extraction that they did not state in the patch notes - one of them being Vega's spell. For MSEA-ers who are unfamiliar with Vega's spell, this allows a mapler to increase a 10% or 60% scroll's chance of working to 30% and 90%, respectively, by paying A-Cash. The only drawback is that you cannot use a white scroll in conjunction with his spell. Unfortunately, Asiasoft missed the mark a little bit with Vega's Spell. In the GMS version where this was first implemented, new additions were added to each scroll's readout on whether or not it worked with Vega's spell. However, no such addition was made for this patch. Below I have included a list of scrolls that work with Vega's Spell in MSEA (it is the same list as in GMS)

    Vega's Spell Scroll List

    Not to mention that there are other cash shop additions, such as the return of Cash Shop Surprise as well as the new introduction of Vicious Hammers. What's strange to me is they included Vicious Hammer packages with 5 Hammers in them. Are they really adding on five slots for items? Then again, the Vicious Hammer would appear to be much more expensive in MSEA costing a whopping 45,000 A-Cash for 5 hammers.

    We see the introduction of Priority Seal and Supremacy Seal from the Cash shop. These items, selling for 3000 and 5000 A-Cash, respectively, give you the ability to wear items at 5 and 10 levels above your current level.

    And it seems that Asiasoft has taken a few words of advice from Dungeon Fighter as well. Although this sale isn't included in this patch, they added strings for selling "100 Elixirs" and "200 Elixirs" (as well as the same numbers for Power Elixirs) from the cash shop.

    So, all of the above things plus a new pet, Magic Hourglasses, and SP reset sales means this is an extremely cash shop heavy patch - and dare I say the most cash shop heavy patch of all time?


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    Other changes
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    NOW THIS IS JUST CRAZY? 5 vicous hammer slots???


    Seriously, this is past ridiculous...

    lvl 40 zhelms, maple weapons at lvl 14... What are they thinking?

  4. Sassy Stranger Male
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    I spy Ghost Ship PQ.

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    so next patch is probably pre evan neo city and dragon rider pq?

  6. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    I spy Kerning Square, Neo City, Ghost Ship PQ, minidungeons (didn't they have them already?), JMS CWK weapons, rehashed Maple Weapons, a bunch of new chairs, KMS' new Tiger pet?, and that sexy Tiger cash mount.

    ... just to name a few things.
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    Night Raven Knuckle
    +1 Storm Arrow


  8. Default

    Oh god... "Tanye East" as a music prodigy. That's hilarious.

    "la la la money money money" <-- I cracked up

  9. In my dreams... Gay Male
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 215
    Job: Hoyoung
    Alliance: KATYPERRY


    Ahahahahaha I totally missed that. Too funny.

  10. Default

    All of his quotes are good but they really should have added both "The Black Magician doesn't care about Maplers!" and "I'mma let you finish but Grendel had one of the best spells of all time."

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    Oh nice, quick slot configuration. Useful for my laptops .

    Hope it comes in the next patch for GMS.

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    And this sums MSEA to the list of Maple Servers that decide to get the Japanese Version of Crimson Wood Keep instead of the American one. At this rate, even we are gonna get the Japanese version

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    Golem hand & Skull Chair = Do want
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    at 54....

  15. Default

    Well it looks like they will be taking an Axe to Neo Tokyo.

    No Neo Tokyo= No new high level content=me want to quit. Guild wars here I come!!

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    There are newties and skeles that are underl the 10-20 section even though they say they are 110

  17. フレイムチョコボ Straight Male
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    MSEA getting Kerning Square, and Neo City? And Ghost Ship PQ?

    inb4PFFFFFFFFTTT! >_>

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    I don't think MSEA is actually getting Neo City. I think they were just sent a package of information and the translators did their job.

    But GMS is definitely getting Neo City. Definitely absolutely.


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