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  1. Default [1.2.279] Skill nerfs this time

    F/P Mage (II)
    - Fire Arrow - Hits three mobs instead of four

    - Inferno - Burn time reduced from 7 seconds to 6 seconds. Seconds of burn time is equal to the following --> 1 - 10 = 0 seconds, 11 - 20 = 3 seconds, 21 - 30 = 6 seconds

    - Snipe - This is a STRING change, not a skill change! They changed the max level of snipe to show 5 seconds instead of 4. This is strange because the skill data still says 4 seconds.

    Chief Oblivion Guardian - Weak to Poison, Weak to Ice, Weak to Lightning

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    If they were indeed attempting to nerf snipe, that's a horrible move. MMs are far from overpowered. To add on, no classes apart from archers were nerfed during the skill changes.

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    Yeah, I was totally seeing inferno being overpowered there.

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    Definitely sarcasm

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    Good they saw Fire Arrow was overpowered like that for 2nd job.

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    Honestly, it doesn't matter, at the VERY best it'd be 30 SP to cast it once, then switch immediatly back to using bomb arrow.

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    since its nexon and they cant be horribilly creative.. i would assume it would do like the same damage as like Flame Thrower where it is basically 5% of your damage dealt per second (deal 1K the monster takes 50 per second for liek a total of 300. or they could make it like Fire demon(cant remember how the dps for that was figured out but it was a certain %age of the monsters hp, it will be no where close to being useful i would imagine, cause it would have to deal like... 15% of the monsters hp Per second for any kind of cycleing goodness otherwise its almost a pointless upgrade

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    It would matter if it was like 2000% per second.

    I thought it might have a burn % in the data like Flame Thrower does.

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    That's because even with a 1 second cooldown in the data, we'd only be able to shoot it every 5 seconds anyway.

    B> pierce adjustment so that it's actually as useful in reality as it looks on paper.... seriously, charge up and low HP don't go together, and the damage distribution should be changed. The 6th mob is massive overkill so on paper its ZOMG AWESOMESAUCE, but in reality I need to shoot 3 to take down a mob of guardians at oblivion, the last dies on the first hit so all that potential is wasted 2/3rds of the time unless I manage to make a mob > 6. but DB only pushes 6 so it's not that easy.

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    Exactly, they have no mobility at all unlike mages using that type of attack. We have to kill the mob to move onto the next, and its pointless doing ~1-3k per second like fire/ice demons. Mobs don't even survive for over 2 seconds with arrow bomb + hurricane anyway.

    Yay for Oblivion 4 maps for Ice Archmages. Can't wait for it to come here. Skele is probably still faster exp just because of the map design.
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    Guessing they've agreed that Dual Charging doesn't make third job overpowered at all?

  12. Water

    IGN: MysticHLE
    Server: Broa
    Level: 18x
    Job: Paladin
    Guild: VincitOmnia
    Alliance: Sonata


    Okay this is the only thing I wanted to see. Hello new Paladin home. <3

  13. Helium Atom
    IGN: Taikobos
    Server: Windia
    Level: 200
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    Guild: Shinyuu
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    Not sure but, arent they already weak to poison?

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    If I had left that part out, you might have asked "Wait, weren't they weak to Poison before? Are they not weak now?"

    Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

    Whenever possible I write in the assertive.

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    hopefully we will see more class changes soon . nice to see that they realized that some of the changes to there skills aren't that good of an idea and change it again. rather then leaving it the way it is and act like it was ment to be that way. ( i'm not agents any of these classes just wanted to say they really are re balancing the classes)

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    I still think they're out of their fking minds.

  17. Water

    IGN: MysticHLE
    Server: Broa
    Level: 18x
    Job: Paladin
    Guild: VincitOmnia
    Alliance: Sonata


    Chill for now, nothing's finalized yet. At the pace that we're going now with balance patches, we're gonna see at least 10 more of these patches before the end of the month. lol

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    I know there are things to come, but you have to look at the implications of a patch like this and the last few.

    Them increasing Arrow Bomb, adding a shatter effect on Strafe, and adding burn damage to Inferno indicate to me that they have no idea what's wrong with the classes or how to fix 'em. They actually made the Arrow Bomb/Inferno relation worse!

    So far, the only classes that got decent upgrades were Corsairs, Shadowers, and Paladins. Hopefully whomever designed those changes will come back and fix the rest of the classes because their B-squad isn't cutting it.

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    was the inferno burn inserted in one of the previous skill balancing? I seem to remember my inferno not burning at all O_o...any burning time will be an upgrade albeit small and of little use.



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