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    Month over month centenarian population growth. Disregard the left axis labels, the real values are listed at intersections, it's just there to keep the worlds separate and readable.


    Year End centenarian population growth.


    Note there's no way to account for abandoned accounts that aren't actually deleted, so the gross increase is doubtlessly smaller than the net increase, and the increase doesn't account for what percentage are actually new accounts vs repeats.

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    Nice work Eos. I was wondering about this very thing the other day....

    Go Windia! Way to stay ahead of some of the other old servers!

    Oh and thanks for the part for the data geeks.
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    Am I reading this right...? There are four times as many level 100+ characters in Deme and Yellonde now than t here were a year ago?

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    That sounds about right... Those are newer servers so they started with less 100+ at the begining of the year. Its easier for them to make massive % gains.

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    Yellonde went from ~300 in January to ~1200 in December, so that's a 400% gain.

    Although technically it's a 900 person gain, which is only 300% of the starting population, but that's getting into mathematical semantics.

    Suffice it to say that the end population is X % of what the original population was.

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    Every day 100 people hit level 100, on average. ._.

    Makes me sad at my inability to do so.

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    If it's any consolation that's 100 characters out of over a million in Khaini.

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    Ah... Broa, just the way I like my population.

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    What's funny is Scania had the smallest proportionate growth out of any server, yet it had the greatest increase in raw numbers.

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    The larger the embedded base the more it takes to move the needle from a percentage base.

    If you re-express the data to show % growth by world Scania takes the top place though by sheer contribution to overall growth.


    It's all about perspective.

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    Demethos and Yellonde win, it seems.

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    Scania gained more than some servers even have. ;_;



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