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  1. Default Limitations of extraction

    What's in the WZ files:
    - Textual data
    - Listing of what drops what (Monsterbook data)
    - Some item and random prize information
    - Map data and layouts
    - User interface images
    - Mob information and skills
    - Skill information
    - What's in the cash shop
    - Tooltips and Mapletips
    - Maker recipes
    - Cutscenes (Aran, Cygnus, etc.)
    - Skill recommendations
    - Pets & chairs
    - All equipment in the game
    - Morphing data (HTPQ, Cody, Pirates)
    - Music & sounds

    What's not in the WZ files:
    - Which items you get from Gachapon
    - NPC scripts (Maple Administrator, Gaga, Zakum Squad)
    - Formulas
    - Prizes from cash shop items
    - Scripts on how PQs work

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  3. Default

    Does "formulas" include skill cast time as well as their cooldowns?

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    Question, ive been hearing these terms a lot but im not sure if my idea of their meaning is a 100% correct;

    client sided; everything that is in the client and in patches -> all client sided scripts and data can be extracted

    server sided; everything thats on the server, scripts and whatnot. -> cant be extracted

    or is there a blurry/grey part in between that dont match my description

    different phrasing, "all clientsided data can be extracted, all serversided data cant"
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    Skill cooldowns where using it gives you a notice, like Nimble Feet or Holy Hammer, are in the data. I'd assume cast times are, since Fiel mentioned the recent kMST patch reducing the cast time of Explosion.

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    Skill cast time and cooldowns, yes. Those are static numbers. However, calculating the effects of booster is a formula and is therefore not included.

    client sided; everything that is in the client and in patches -> all client sided scripts and data can be extracted

    Close but not quite. The magic damage formula is client sided, but it cannot be easily extracted without a debugger. I guess you could argue that debugging is the same as extracting, but I digress.

    It is true that server sided data cannot be extracted. However, while we can't see inside the box that is server sided data, packet editors can see the input and output of packets regarding the script. So it's not possible to see it, but it is possible to see the effects of it - kind of like cosmic censorship.

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    This isn't an issue of client-side versus server-side, it's an issue of what's in the WZ files and what is not.

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    oh god, fiel youre pro with olly ? omggg i hated that thing.

    /* *cough*vana*cough* */

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    Server: StranInSCA
    Level: 202
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    Alliance: I dont remember
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    What catagory would a frame go into?

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    Map data and character/mob information. In the wz files.

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    ^ if you mean animation frame that's an image, so it's in the data.


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    I'm not pro with Olly. I much prefer IDA.

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    -Suggests that a full list of Monster Book data be compiled-

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    I am trying to see if your extractions have map data that will allow me to calculate a ratio for (mob spawn / usable map area) for every map in the game. "Mob spawn" meaning the max number of mobs that can spawn in any given map and “Usable map area" meaning the total area that a character can move around on any given map (possibly the pixel length of all platforms in a map).

    Question 1
    Can you see/provide how many of each type of mob spawn in a given map? I think I saw you do this once on the new "chimney" maps in the haunted house....
    Question 2
    Is it possible to see some raw map data that would allow me to pull out the "Usable map Area" information?

    Thanks for your time....

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    Does Reactor.wz contain conditions to trigger certain things? For example if those Christmas Socks came from a non-NX-related source, will there be a visible "reactor" to obtain it?

    @ Above:
    1/ Yes that info is possible to obtain.
    2/ I believe this process requires image rendering, which takes time. =/

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    I'm not entirely sure what you are trying to measure, but total platform length doesn't really say much about a map. It could still be one long flat map, or several platforms. And if platforms, they could be close together (so an Ultimate would hit several) or spaced far apart.
    If I were trying to get a feel for how "dense" a map is (and therefore how good for training for a mobbing class or ultimate-spammer?), I'd just go with number of spawn divided by total map area (length in pixels times width in pixels). These data are easily obtainable.

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    I agree with you about total map area when spamming ultimates, but I am a Hero and have to walk...... As you suggest I did think about spawn / total map area but was worried the data would be inaccurate in maps that are large with not many platforms. An example of this is the map in NLC right before Gryphons where I. AM. ROBOTS. spawn, huge map area, and not that many platforms in relationship. In any case, where can I find the total map area data? I want to use any data that is available atm.

    Thanks for the info! where can I find out more about image rendering.....I know nothing of this topic and would need to start with the basics.

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    You could probably just add up the number of floor tile surfaces.

    -is making a fundamental assumption about the Map files, which I don't know anything about-

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    Hi fiel,
    I'd like to ask,
    In which of the .wz files are this infomations located at,
    - Monster book data
    - Maker recipes
    and maybe those cutscenes of certain jobs?

    Thanks in advance.



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