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  1. BDRyan

    Default Forum upgrade complete + what's ahead...

    After a longer-than-expected delay, we've finally finished the upgrade to vBulletin 4.0.

    A few things you need to know:
    • Yes we know this skin is butt-ugly. Unfortunately our previous skins are not compatible with this version of vBulletin. On the bright side, the upgrade process imported them anyway but marked them as incompatible so they could not be used. Fiel will be working with these skins over the coming weeks to bring them up to vBulletin 4.0 standards.
    • All the existing addons we installed before the upgrade have been disabled until we can check compatibility and/or update them for vBulletin 4.0
    • Some images may be absent. We will be determining which ones are missing and reupload them as they are found.
    That should cover it. As this is a major upgrade, we can't really guarantee *everything* works right off the bat. If you find something broken, report it in Site Suggestions. (Edit by Fiel: Do it here)

    Thanks for your patience during this lengthly process!

    Southperry.Net Systems Administrator
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  2. In my dreams... Gay Male
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 215
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    Alliance: KATYPERRY


    Hey, at least it looks better here than on... another forum.

    edit; testing stuff.

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  3. Default

    Yay the site's up.

    So quick reply is invisible until you click reply... hm.

  4. Default

    ...this is going to take some getting used to.

    I hate how forums keep gettting upgraded when there was nothing wrong with the old ones...

  5. Default

  6. Default

    Holy fack. I miss the skins. Although, I'm sure this upgrade will be worth it. Just glad it world nicely on my Moto Droid.

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious


    I request that the fusion skin be worked on first.

  8. Default

    I love computers, I hate forums getting changed "for the better" when it isnt the case, its just change for changes sake.

  9. BDRyan


    Certainly there was nothing wrong with the old ones. But the thing you have to understand is sometimes we do upgrades for security reasons, which is more important. That and we actually bought this thing so we plan to use it.

  10. Default

    Ah the forums look nice so far.

    Although I miss the quick replay being there. One click wouldnt hurt though.

    zomg at extended signatures

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious


    Is it me or are sigs SUPER HUGE now.

  12. Default

    It's still one click. You click the "reply" button and Quick Reply appears.

    Edit: and yeah, no sig height limit for now.
    Also, no one-click editing ._.

  13. フレイムチョコボ Straight Male
    IGN: FlameChocobo II
    Server: Windia
    Level: 200
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    Guild: KoopaForce
    Alliance: KoopaEmpire


    HOLY MOTHER ! First, it's MapleTip that gets an upgrade, and now this!

    Just holy crap!

  14. Default

    Also, may I suggest you put up a global forum announcement/notice directing to this thread?

  15. Flatpanel TV
    IGN: Me
    Server: Life
    Level: 17
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    Guild: Doing Good
    Alliance: For the Earth


    Good God. This is the grodiest thing I've ever seen, but oh well. Everything looks weird now.

    And our side facts don't show now. Like ign and stuff.

  16. Default

    My eyes need adjusting, but I don't really mind how it looks in the interim.

    Thanks for the work in upgrading, BD.

  17. Default

    Feels weird. I'd say get on retooling the skin first before we go fixing everything else.

    Either way, nice job BD. Thanks for doing this. I'm sure everyone will learn to love it.
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