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A call to action has been recieved loud and clear, so now it's time to take part and those of who've said you would need to stand up and be heard.
An important part of getting attention for an issue is timing - a thousand voices shouting the same thing at once can be heard much more clearly than those that are all talking over each other, so to that end we need to initiate contact as a group so that everything arrives closely together. Based on the upcoming holidays the easiest date to target is 1/1/2010, so let's start Nexon's new year off by showing them where our priorities for this year are.

Contact MethodImpactSubmit By
Ticket SystemMinor12/30/2009
Mail a LetterMedium12/26/2009
BBB ComplaintStrong12/22/2009

Send Nexon a ticket via their website ticketing system under Tech Support/Bug Report sub Category - Performance.

To send Nexon a letter address it to:

Customer Relations Coordinator
Nexon America, Inc.
137 N. Larchmont Blvd. #619
Los Angeles, California
United States

Be sure your letter is signed, rather than just typed, and feel free to express the situation in your own words and from your own perspective, but remember an actual person will be reading this letter, so try to remain polite and stick to the subject.

Complain to the Better Business Bureau via this form as General Service Issues.

Recap of Issue

After you've taken action, please vote on the after-action-review to indicate what steps you've taken to address this issue. You can choose to take just one approach, or you can use a combination of any of the three, but don't forget to record what you've done.