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  1. Default Big Status Update from the Card Masters

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    Oh good, they really needed a spectator mode.

    Now when's the release date? >:O.

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    They need to tweak it so that Mages aren't so ridiculous.
    Equality please

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    I thought they were releasing a way to make a way to get monster book cards from Mushroom Castle...


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    Awesome to know they still acknowledge it =]

    Good to know they fixed the history thing too.

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    I hope this doesn't take much longer to come out, the beta was pretty good.

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    This. I am dissapoint.

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    Or some news about a new set of the physical iTCG cards.

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    Same. D:
    I almost jizzed in my pants at the new UI, then realized it's for the lolTCG.

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    L> Monster card crap I can't get on my paly....I.E. Squashroom Castle.

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    I thought card masters were like...People who bought most prepaid nx with cards. Darn I was gunna be master.

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    I'm looking forward to this.

    I liked that game pretty much.

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    Oh hey it's alive.

    Funny, I checked back at the itcg site about three days ago to see if there was anything new.



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