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Thread: Maple's Story!

  1. Default Maple's Story!

    I know that a lot of you think this game doesn't have much of a story. To be honest, I felt the same way for a long time. The story always seemed to be there just under the surface, but it just wasn't being revealed. The thing that sort of prevents the story from being cohesive is how long it takes to move from one part of the quest to another. Between level requirements and finding elusive items, it can take quite some time, so when you move on to the second part of your quest, you've already forgotten what the NPC told you when you started the quest.

    But, after reviewing the data, talking to many NPCs around the world, but particularly in Victoria, and checking back on quests, I've been able to piece together the storyline to a decent extent. Magatia is an unavailable area that plays a big part in Ossyria's backstory. Still, there's some things, mostly surrounding the Guild Quest, that can be nailed down. I've written it up into an easily readable form (instead of trying to interpret the 20 or so quests involved). Keep in mind this isn't everything I know; it's only the first portion. Continue checking this first post for updates to the story as I find them and/or type them up.

    So, without further ado, here's what I have written so far (Again, this is all from the game itself, NOT fanfiction. The basic story remains the same.)

    Part 1:

    Quests for Part 1:
    Sharenian Guild Quest
    Winston's Fossil Dig up (level 20)
    Dr Betty's Research on Plants (level 22)
    Dr. Betty's Research on Animal fossils (Level 22)
    Planting Trees (Level 20)
    In Search Of The Book Of Ancient (level 55)
    Alcaster And The Dark Crystal (Level 60)
    That's all for tonight. Seeya later for part 2.

    Part 2:

    Quest for Part 2:
    Manji's Ragged gladius (level 45)
    Part 3

    Quests for Part 3:
    I need Help with my Homework! (level 10)
    Arwen and the Glass Shoe (level 25)
    Mr. Wetbottom's Secret Book (level 30)
    To the New World (level 40)
    Ronnie & the fairies building a new house (level 55)
    Part 15

    Part 4

    Part 5

    part 6

    Part 7, Leafre Special!

    Omega Sector
    Part 8

    Part 9

    Korean Folk Town
    Part 10

    Aqua Road
    Part 11

    Mu Lung

    Part 12

    Herb Town
    part 13

  2. Default

    Part 20

    Second part of Ariant to come at a later date.

    Where the story comes together. Major thanks to ZYXWVUT for all his help in translating Magatia's quests.
    Part 14

    There's way more Magatia, that's barely scratched the surface.

    Victoria Island : Nautilus Harbor (And additional Pirate-based information)

    Part 21

    Part 22 (OMG STORY IN A STORY)

    Part 23

    New Leaf City
    Part 17

    Part 18

    Haunted House
    Part 19

    Crimsonwood Keep

    Part 25
    Tale of the Headless Horseman

    Oh yeah, if you have any problem with something written here (factually. It's possible I can make a mistake :P) then bring it up, or if there's any particular part of the lore you'd like me to investigate, ask away.

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    reserve one more post because, who knows what will come in the next update?

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    Yey isaac, I always loved this tread, I think I need to reread it now.

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    Oh yay, Isaac finally came over! In all honesty, Ive never read this thread before so... I'll give it a look later when I have time xP Though you have gotten me interested in the "story behind the story" xD

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    I love you, Isaac! This story is great. (:
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    I never got around to reading this through. I should though.

    So much time and effort to put this together. o.o

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    I always like this kind of thing, its what makes the game more than grinding. Its a shame that most people skip quests or don't bother reading the text.

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    I've read parts of it, its a little too long.

    Maybe someone with a nice voice should make an audio version of it.

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    Thanks for taking the time to write this, as someone who takes the time to do quests, I really like this topic.

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    I actually read this whole entire thing... well minor lie. I read it up until the Magatia part, when I had to leave and go cook dinner.

    I was very intrigued and can't wait to read more. Maybe I should of been reading the quests after all? lol.

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    what happend to the one about ariant that you posted in sw? o_O

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    Oh, yeah, I probably ought to get that one too, eh? I won't be finishing it for a while, though.

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    Are you going to post the quests, that tell the stories, for the other sections as well?

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    I might, but for a lot of the later ones (Ariant, for example) it's literally every quest in the town. Over the years Nexon Korea has gotten a lot better at keeping all the quests tied to the town's storyline. The only extraneous quest in Ariant is "The Queen's Make-up Kit". All the others play into the tale.

    It shouldn't be too hard to do, though; I have a separate .txt file where I copy all the direct quest text. I might even just post that up later if you guys want to see it.

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    I'd like to see the txt file put up. I have screen shots of pretty much all the quests, but sorting though thousands of pictures to find the quest ones is tedious. One list would be more convenient, if its not too much to ask.

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    Yay, I loved this thread back in Sleepy. The only part I haven't read yet is Magatia since we don't have it yet. :D

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    Im probably one of those people that you hate... when i click on a npc i click next, next, next until it tells me whats needed by the quest and I dont read anythign else. "Just tell me what i need already"! lol.

    I always used to wonder who the hell reads all that crap.... well Im glad someone did because now I can read the story here.

    You have dedicated alot of time to this Isaac so thankyou.

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    I'm one of those people who reads everything the NPCs say but I never understand anything. lol

    Thanks for this.




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