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  1. Default So in class today...

    We were going over humanistic theory of unconditional love in psychology. Yeah, not too great, but my prof decided to make it a bit more interesting.

    "Raise your hand if you have a pet."

    I raised my hand, and so did several others.

    Then she got to me. "Chinchilla."
    The entire class - "AWWWW!"

    Now, I really don't have a chinchilla at the moment, but I want one so much I might as well have one.

    The prof continued, "Now imagine if you were to come home one day, and as you opened the door there stood your pet."

    I piped in, "That would be terrible. He got out of his cage?"

    She laughed, "Now now... stay with me here. You come home and you see your pet. It's peed and pooped all over the carpet - do you still love your pet? Does your pet still love you?"

    I spoke up again, "No to both."

    "Your pet doesn't love you?"

    "No, my pet just wants a raisin. That's probably why he's at the door. He doesn't care about me one bit, he just wants raisins. If I take him out of his cage, 'Dude, can I have a raisin? Please?' I replace his water, 'Hey, chico, I need some raisins'."

    "Sounds like your pet has OCD issues."

    "No, it's a chinchilla. Just give him a damn raisin."

    The effects of administering a raisin to chinchillas

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    Fiel!, can I have a raisin?

    That actually was pretty funny.

  3. Default

    That was enjoyable. Just give me a raisin man!

  4. Default

    What do you look like physically? A big, manly-looking man? It'd be so fun to see someone who looks like they could eat you talk about their pet Chinchilla.

    And I think you just made a new meme.

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    That was an awesome story.

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    I'm actually in a Psychology class, myself. We already went over unconditional love. We were doing research on which parts of the brain affects certain coordinations and body functions, pretty boring. But now we're working on Discriminative Stimuli (I love this section!!!), Behavior Therapy, Skinner's Operant Conditioning, and Pavlov's Classical Conditioning. I find it very interesting. My Psych professor is as awesome as your's, LOL.

    LOL @ raisins and chinchillas and parrots

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    Bad Fiel XD.

    What happened after that?

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    God, that story just made my day. Cracked up a bit. xD

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    Very clever Mr. Fiel, although I want to know what happened after that.

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    Lying to your teacher is fun

  11. Default

    Awesome story, Fiel.

    *gives Fiel's imaginary chinchilla an imaginary raisin*



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