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  1. Default Call To Action Discussion

    This thread is where to discuss the Call to Arms process itself, the rules governing it and the nature of it.

    Please keep the topic confined to questions and ideas about, around or for the overall concept. This is a topic-neutral area within the forum to try and involve the community in what is ultimately your way to try to be heard, so please stay focused, ask for clarifications here if you're uncertain about something, and be civil towards each other.

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    Where is the template/guidelines? .

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    They're in a stencil provided when you start a thread.

    Description of Issue:
    [Two sentences or less describing problem]
    Why this issue needs attention:
    Desired Action or Resolution:
    [Explain what you would like to accomplish as a community in one paragraph]

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    How are you going to enforce this:

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    I don't see how you feel those completely separate sections relate to one another.

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    I'm just a tad curious, but are Admins/Mods not allowed to vote in the rally polls?

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    There is no rule against them voting if they choose to.

    Some of them may be avoiding it to prevent follow-the-leader-syndrome.

    I can't because it's my vote and the board was set up to prevent the poster from voting, which ensures I stay neutral and no-one tries to vote whatever I choose.

    If we actually get to a call we may see the staff show up in the after action review indicating what, if anything, they did.



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