All normal forum rules and regulations will be strictly enforced in this section due to emotional nature of players and issues.

  1. New issues ideas shall be posted in the appropriately designated forum according to the guidelines provided.
  2. Every issue is likely to have multiple sides, and multiple opinions on corrective action.
  3. Just because you do not support the action requested by the majority does not mean you can not get involved with the campaign. Join and present your side as well. Encourage like-minded friends to do the same.
  4. Do not attack the other side because you have different beliefs. State your beliefs. Present your arguments,
  5. This board has a zero tolerance policy for baiting, trolling and similar. If you have strong opinions on a subject you need to think carefully before you post. This includes visitor messages on the subjects in the C2A forums and harassing PMs.
  6. If you don't care about an issue, don't meddle in it - noone wants to hear that you don't care.
  7. This is a social activism subforum, not a socializing one, stay on topic. We reserve the right to delete subtangents, or move them to other forums.

Admins and moderators may update these as needed, check them because ignorance of updates will not count as an excuse for breaking a rule.