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  1. Default 15,000 fans on Facebook and counting!

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    [Maple Tip] Don't give your personal information out, including your name

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    aww, thought this was a thread about SP having a FB fanclub :[
    i was like WOAH, good job SP!

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    [Maple Tip] A GM will NEVER ask for your personal information.

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    Lol, pafe.

    Did this really warrant a notice on the site? Wouldn't a facebook update suffice?

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    Made some fake crap Facebook account and used my ign on that. <3

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    Wouldn't you guys feel embarassed to broadcast your Maple-playing on Facebook...?

    I know I would.

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    1/6 of the Maple Community befriended Nexon =/.

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    I'd actually be kind of embarressed to have my info there >_>
    I have a few people added on facebook that I got to know through MS, but that's about it.

  10. Perma-Banned

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    considering they have like 6 million users that's not a lot in retrospect...

  11. Flatpanel TV
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    Not a lot of the player are old enough, nor smart enough to understand facebook. Facebook is considered an adult networking/socail communication/lolI'manattentionwhore type of site. So that 1/6 of the population is actually great.

    Off-Topic: When I check the rankings it doesn't even have 1 million characters! So how does "Maplestory" have 6 million zombies... I mean players? Unless they're counting all of their games.

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    What's so hard about using a facebook? And i would be ashamed of becoming a fan of maple's page on fb.

  13. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    IGN: ClawofBeta
    Server: LoL.NA
    Level: 30
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    He's counting all the games. Nexon America has almost 100,000, last time I checked.

  14. Can you hear it?
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    Lol all this talk about being embarrassed about playing maple. Maple is just a game just cause the concept is kid like no need to be ashamed of a game you like to play.

    If your so ashamed that your friends going to think differ of you, why should you even be friends with them? Why should you even care what they think in the first place? Who are you living your life for?

    Wouldnt you be ashamed of walking in public with that red shirt on? I know i would

    Would it be better to broadcast that your a MW 2 fan? Some people view MW 2 fans addicted gamers that don't go out and spend all their time keeping their kdr at 1.9948594859894

    Biggest game next to mafia wars on fb is farmville and i find that game to be more pointless and kid like than maple.

    I'm not ashamed of playing maple, the whole concept of the game is more complex than farmville which has 7m fans over maple 15k

  15. Electron

    IGN: xFallenBIade
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    Alliance: MapleStreet


    Remember that that Fan system on Facebook will not be an accurate representation in that case... people who play Farmville have to have a FB account, and so if they play it, they've most likely become a Fan of it, while in the case of MS, I highly doubt all the "omgz im levl 145 claric n cen kas u" people will use FB, not to mention that a lot of the actually intelligent people who are on MS might not even have FB accounts.

    And then there are the people who use FB and play MS but are too ashamed to broadcast to their friend lists. Which... is understandable, because of how the game looks.



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