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Thread: [In Progress] 2x Drop Event & Sale!

  1. Default 2x Drop Event & Sale!

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    funny how i posted this notice first, and got deleted... well w/e

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    Haha wow power abuse much eos? NO ONE CAN BEAT ME...

    Anyway, to repeat what I said before, it sure is convenient that they left out the weekend cards which the events happen to take place on.

    Not that it matters, 2x drop never works so this whole thing is a scam.

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    I just deleted whichever was on top when they both came through at the same time.
    It was Sarah's fault for bumping yours to make it look newer.

    And then Netto posted it a third time.


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    2x drop events? When was the last time this happened?

    Also, heh, they're encouraging us to use 4x drop.

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    April and it was a massive failure. It was like 3 weekends of 2x drop that didn't work and nothing happened despite my rage both here and the nexon forums.

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    "We see that by how much love the 2x Exp cards get."

    Nexonspeak for licking their wads of money.

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    Never works... don't care...

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    *watches you guys go chaos scroll hunting*

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    This. Event double drop never actually gave me twice the stuff, so Im not really caring (hell, one pap run, I got LESS than what I usually got due to bad luck). Then again, the fact that they havent had it since April gives me hope that they finally realized it wasnt working, and increased the rates.

    Also, is it just me, or are those prices 30% off, not 20? >_>

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    Didn't they have 2x drop for the spirit week event? That didn't work. Let's see if Nexon will do anything for this event.

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    Why do they say 20% when prices are 30% off o,o

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    Bahahah! I expect this Double Drop Event to fail just like all others. Some suckers will fall for it and buy the cards, and be surprised that it's not Quadruple Drop.

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    I only grind with 2x drop on so it doesn't matter to me. If the event 2x drop does work then it's a nice bonus, however it won't change me taking advantage of the discounted cards. :o

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    Hehehe, now Nexon is encouraging use of 2x drop cards during their malfunctioning 2x drop events... Perhaps this time they will finally fix it when many, many, many users rage at their lies.

    Betting 10 mesos that they have not fixed their own 2x drop event.

    Anyway, I hope that 2x exp events will also be around, since those do work, and since there is more time during vacation time to get levels...

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    Meh, I might aswell start collecting some PoT. Nice excuse for me to start

    Edit: Thats a pretty odd pattern they got goin on there too

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    The first sentence gave me a good laugh.

    2x drop itself I never cared for, drop rate for anything that can possibly drop always seems worse for me then.

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    lol, I noticed that too. The main idea of the event will be to get people to do that :P



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