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  1. Default [1.2.264] Neo City bug fixing

    20-stat-requirement on Aufheben circlet removed.

    There are so many changes to mobs that I will just re-extract all of them.

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    I'm thinking the same thing, but I don't know yet so I won't jump to conclusions.

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    Come on, Fiel! You can do it, I believe in you!

    I'm not expecting anything special, didn't they say the new class would most likely start getting tested in December?

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    Chances are pretty strong right now looking at WZ file sizes that it's not the new class.

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    (Bad) Low level content.

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    Actually, this patch was a bugfix patch centering around Neo City. They made many of the mobs stronger, removed some elemental attributes, and removed the ridiculous 20-stat-requirements on the Aufheben circlet.

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    They're still so weak D:

    Also new class was announced to be revealed on Nov 26 if I read the earlier announcement right.

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    Wow. They nerfed everything...

    Anyways, I'm wondering: why isn't your extractation like this, where you can see the attack of each of the attacks?

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    Overcomplicates it.

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    1.2.265<< came out just 30min. ago// about 45minute patch?
    guess what ..
    it might be warrior-magician type. which is called magumsa = magic warrior.
    in 1.2.265 .. new items came out.. i think its for the new job..^^
    테스트서버 1.2.265 패치로 신규 추가된 장비 아이템 입니다. -> items added in KMST
    (추측상 신직업류 관련 아이템일 확률이 높습니다. 아래 아이템은 추후 변동될 수 있습니다.) -> [ IT might!! be a new items for "the new job"]

    드래곤안경 : 드래곤의 힘이 담긴 안경이다. -> Dragon glasses
    자유로운영혼의피어싱 -> FreeSoulPiercing
    착한아이 -> GoodKid
    페리온경비병 -> PerionSecurityGuard
    커닝시티명예시민 -> KunningCity..
    비밀단체임시멤버 -> SecretMember
    드래곤마스터 -> Dragonmaster
    드래곤마스터 -> Dragonmaster
    영웅의후계자 -> hero's successor

    순록의뿔 -> Reindeer horn.. [something to do with Christmas event?]

    실버마스크 -> Silvermask
    골드마스크 -> Goldmask
    리버스마스크 -> Reversemask
    실버펜던트 -> Silverpendant
    골드펜던트 -> Goldpendant
    리버스펜던트 -> Reversependant
    실버윙즈 -> Silverwings
    골드윙즈 -> Goldwings
    리버스윙즈 -> Riversewings
    실버테일 -> Silvertale
    골드테일 -> Goldtale
    리버스테일 -> Reversetale
    원킬의검 -> Onekill sword
    기절의검 -> Faint sword
    슬로우의검 -> Slow sword
    독의검 -> Poison sword
    암흑의검 -> Darkness sword
    봉인의검 -> Sealing sword
    결빙의검 -> Froze [Freezing] sword

    got it from insoya. by Pia

    some items added INT
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    a translation would be usefull :P or any images. but i guess ill just wait a bit

    edit: lol, while posting this u translated it, thankies
    edit2: what are we looking at? items? equips?

  12. Default<<<
    all the new items..
    i dont know if it would be magician warrior..
    it might be the new magician^^..
    just dont hope for magician warrior..
    according to the items.. LVL 50,30,120 items added ..
    and all items have except 50 30,, Luk and Int added..
    i dont know about the swords..

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    guess its just a magician then, by "warrior" they could just mean he/she fights against the monsters or black magician like any job in the game

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    i just thought about warrior-magician type cause..
    of the new swords.. :)
    the name looks interesting

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    Following job could be

    Battlemage, Summoner, Warrior-Magician , Necromancer
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    I have to say it's a little lame for a magician class to have a dragon theme because of their summons.

    I mean it would have made more sense for Aran to have gotten that because of one, them using polearms which is a Dragon Knight's weapon, and two, the whole Dragon Knight class and the name of the skills and such.



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