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Thread: [In Progress] Cash Back Event

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    Well, getting the permanent Pink Bean pet may not be as quite a bad deal as I thought.

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    So, I'm assuming this is a cumulative total, right? Not paying 10k on one item in one blow?

    That's perfect, my NX expires on the 15th, so I'll need to rebuy my set. Nice to get a little something extra on the side for free.

    Owch, I really feel for you. You don't seem to have the greatest of luck when it comes to Nexon, do you?

    Do we even know when it'll be on sale yet? We know that it's there, but there hasn't been any official announcement on it. Perhaps they're planning to surprise us after they finish all the perma pets?

    Or maybe I'm just missing information.

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    No U nexon :(

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    What? It's saying that if you MTS your cash, it's fine to use. It's just cash being used on MTS that doesn't come back.

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    Uh...I don't understand what you're saying, because that means if you made nx using the MTS you won't get any refund of some of it, even if you spend it in the Cash shop.

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    They're saying if you spend between 16k and 100k in the MTS you won't be eligible. It only counts if you spend NX in the cash shop. Money made via MTS is NX prepaid and is eligible, but only if it's spent in the CS.

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    This bodes well for my black Friday plans.

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    Yes, that's what I meant to say. Looking back on it, I did word it in a pretty confusing way.

    In other words:
    Person A gets his NX via pre-paid cards. He spends this NX in the MTS. He gets no refund for the NX spent in the MTS, because the event is only for NX spent in the cash shop.

    Person B doesn't buy pre-paid cards, but gets his NX from being a merchant on the MTS. He uses that NX he got via MTS trades and spends it on the cash shop. He will get an NX refund, because he spent his NX in the cash shop.

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    All NX used in the cash shop that wasn't purchased by Paypal or rewarded as Maplepoints can be refunded by this event. This includes NX earned from the MTS.

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    I never got mine from the last event they did like this so I'm not expecting much from this.

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    Deckard Cain: This does not bode well, for it confirms my darkest fears. Seeing that on these holidays the cash of happy youngsters might go into buying tangible goods, Nexon has pulled the "the more you buy the more you save" scam. Remember well that "saving more" means spending more; remember also that with "100k NX" you can buy your girlfriend a silver necklace, or buy yourself two good video games. Resist the infernal Nexon empire, grab a sword and stick it in their eyes. Maybe someday those enslaved within its games might be freed... but the resistance needs YOUR help.

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    Or Pirate them, that works too.
    Not that I disagree with what your general message is. I just found those two examples humorous. Made me grin, especially the first one. The first thing I think of when spending money certainly isn't "using my money to please someone other than me and the person I'm giving the money to for said exchange."

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    They should add another point saying:

    "All Nx credit purchases made into the cash shop can go f*** yourselves... You better start sending us your money with Pay By Cash or start buying Nx cards online, because we won't return you pomegranate if you keep charging with Paypal... Also you will get screwed everytime there is a gacha box or gacha cash shop event or when you want to transfer servers or change your name, or... or... and..., etc. Some pimentos used Paypal charges to scam ppl (and which is more important, us) in the past, therefore we will consider your money of less value than other ppl money. Thank you for your undestanding. Happy Mapling :] "

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    Dude, play another 7 levels then quit. Doesn't sound like you like it anymore than I did.

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    [QUOTE/Nexon] Thankyou for purchasing NX via the Paypal method since no other options are available to you, now kindly sit back and watch us give you the shaft on every NX related event we release. [/QUOTE]

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    Edit: ninja'd D:<

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    MTS counts too, man. Also, your tags are broken.



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