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  1. Default MapleSEA Aran Translations

    I know, inevitable sh'itstorm, but whatever.

    First Job

    Second Job

    Third Job

    Fourth Job

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    The only one I see that is actually bad is EZ Shield. What are MSEA translators, 4 years old?

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    You missed a few:

    Pole Arm Mastery --> "This skill only gets triggered when the owner is carrying the secuity stuff."

    Pole Arm Smash --> "Achieves excellent amound of danger at the booth."

    I don't even know what they're trying to describe there.

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    You're right, I missed those because I wasn't really reading the descriptions. And I don't know why, but I laughed a little out loud reading those.

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    I like how they copied the Booster description from Sword Booster.

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    Isn't SEA corrupt?

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    these translations were fun to read xD

    Arans get sword booster too!??!!?!?

    Whirlwind's description was teh funnies as well.

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    i like body pressure xD

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    I like Fenrir Phantom, that one sounds good.
    EZ Shield is Lol.

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    Exacly what is an EZ shield? is it something thats only funny in america or why dont i get it?

    oh and where is hero' will? its not on this list, neither is it on the skill list in the skill tables topic but i've also been hearing that arans have hero's will aswell??

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    Yes, Arans have Hero's Will. I just never bothered to add it even though I should.

    It's not that there's something inherently funny with "EZ Shield"... it's just that it's supposed to be an incredibly powerful fourth job buff and here it's being labeled as "EZ" which is generally only put on cheap products on TV ("Learn how to make money with EZ Money!"). Using "EZ" in this situation cheapens the grandiosity of the buff which will encourage people to create new characters for Aran in the first place. I guess it's an English nuance.

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    I would assume EZ Shield is a bad translation from Combo Barrier's original name Aegis Shield...

    ....which sounds like it replaces the healer class to me...(lol bad translations )

    Pole Arm mastery and Body Pressure descriptions make it sound like some bodyguard running around with a taser. loL
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    A lot of these are just.. hilariously bad. <_<

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    Cool, I can body check monsters now? AND make whirlwinds out of the monsters hands?

    Seriously, this sounds a lot like the parody post I made of 10 year old kids trying to make cool sounding skills.

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    As far as skill names go, it's not too bad. Smash, push, drain, they seem to have translated it just like it was in Korean. Now to wait for Nexon's buttraping of them.... <_<

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    Nexon's translations are usually slightly better than Asiasoft's. Asiasoft is a monkey on crack, Nexon just doesn't know how to C&P on notices.



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