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  1. Default Many changes to the boards

    These are not set in stone. Sound off on what you think as I do read every reply.

    Crossed off items are completed items

    This will hopefully remove many warts in the boards. These changes will be coming in the following few days:

    1. IRC Chat - The Southperry IRC FlashChat notice will be removed. The Southperry IRC link in the Navbar will be a dropdown list that will have the Java and Flash utilities so you can pick the one you prefer. Both the Java and Flash clients will feature auto name assignment for registered users (like the Notice currently does now).

    Edit by BullDog: The change has already been made here, I've removed the notice. Unfortunately this means that, it's no longer one-click. You'll have to click the link to Flash then click the button on the following page to get it to connect. Fiel: Make sure you include the ENTIRE HREF I put in the navbar when you make your dropdown.

    2. World Forums - The World Forums, as you've noticed, have not left, but they still need a few cosmetic changes. The link for "World Forum" will be changed to be plaintext and not a link (ED: Decided against this due to cosmetic reasons). Then all of the links to the server subforums will be replaced with images of each server that link to the server forum. This sounds confusing, and I know it, but I can assure you that these changes are purely cosmetic and will not change the functionality of the World Forums.

    3. Dungeon - The Dungeon will be moved from Social boards to the Shady Tree. Because it's moving out of the social boards, this means that posts in the Dungeon will now count toward your post count. Only new posts will count toward your post count; old ones still do not count.

    4. Amherst and General Maplestory - Amherst will have the "newbie questions" part of the description removed. General Maplestory will be renamed to "Maplestory Discussion". A new board will be created below Maplestory Discussion called "Maple Q&A". This will separate out discussions and Q&A questions and will not leave people wondering exactly what a "newbie question" is.

    5. Marketplace - The link to the Rules & Regulations will be removed. The Sticky in the Announcements board will be moved to the selling board. A new notice will be put in place for the entire Marketplace reminding registered users that they can close their own topics after the transaction is complete. The notice will also link to the rules and regulations for the Marketplace.

    6. Extractions - A new prefix for "Extraction Requests" will be added, and a few pointers on asking for Extraction Requests will be added to the sticky.

    7. Hacking Accusation - This rule will be extended to include Trolling accusations as well.
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    I think the Amherst section is fine as it is. When people learn where to ask they always end up there. General MS tends to have some threads that don't really deserve to be there, seeing that sometimes they're not deep enough to be discussed more than one page. However, Amherst is for newbie questions, newbie strategies like this etc.

    Lol, welcome, abuse.

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
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    That happens way too much and pretty much all of it is sarcasm anyway though.

  4. Default

    What would you post in Maple Q&A that you wouldn’t in Amherst? Is Amherst just for introductions now?

  5. Default

    Hard to see sarcasm over the internets.

    And yes, Amherst would just be for introductions

  6. Default

    Oh the innuendos and spaghetti logic of trolling/accusations/arguments. You'll probably need some luck with the last change.

  7. | (◕ ‿◕)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ) Straight Male
    IGN: You
    Server: get
    Level: me
    Job: so confused.
    Guild: Follow the
    Alliance: Pretty Lights!


    Mmm... Lets try I guess then.

  8. Default

    Now that I have that straight that makes a lot more sense. I think that will be a good change rather than having the introductions mixed in with questions.

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    Amherst as an introduction board makes more sense to me, along with Q&A a different section.

  10. Default

    ....We had Extraction Requests?

    y u hek pal? y u so trol?

    Everything else seems great. Not major changes, but some needed ones at that.
    I still propose that we extinguish the Dungeon all together. It's unused anyhow.

  11. I AM NOW "Mute"
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    perhaps thats why he wants it moved? i mean if somewhere isnt getting much traffic, you need to offer an incentive for people to go there. why most new stores offer discounts for like the first week or so after they open, to draw in customers.

  12. Default

    Took you guys long enough.

  13. Default

    Do indirect troll accusations count?
    ie: Someone makes a thread that could be seen as trolling in the funhouse, and another person replies with an image/comment "don't feed the trolls". Does that warrant a warn?

  14. Default


  15. Default

  16. Default

    Now we can troll at will without being punished with harsh words! only an infraction =D

  17. Default

    Whenever you try to change the style of the IRC, you have to re-enter your name. Not a problem, but just saying.

  18. Default

    FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUU- great, now my browser is about to go explode again when the IRC attempts to process making "The Schiff" into my IRC nick, only for it to uber fail, and lead to "The". .
    I like the new changes in Amherst and General MapleStory a lot; this is going to clean-up things a lot more nicely. And personally, if anything gets used as much as or less than the Dungeon, it'd be the World Forums.



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