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  1. Default I wonder how Isaac feels knowing that...

    he has accounted for more than 1% of the total post count on Southperry?

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    He doesn't feel anything, cause he's just a clever-spam-bot.

    Oh wait this isn't the funhouse D:

    Uh, congratulations on such a high contribution, Isaac... I guess?

  3. Default

    I was hoping for some kind of scandal involving Fiel, a Chinchilla, and Isaac's GF(s).
    I am very disappointed.

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    Gahhh I'm only 0.96% of the total post count.

  5. Default

    Meaningness, pointless, etc. On another forum I accounted for over half the total posts.

  6. Default

    At one point I accounted for 100% of Southperry's posts. The difference is that Isaac has over 3000.

  7. Default

    Considering we only have like 5000 members and most of them didn't get over 10 posts, it's not that hard.

  8. Default

    What I was talking about wasn't an Admin cheat like that. lol I've also accounted for 100% of posts on some forums big and small.

    The forum I was talking about was an old forum I ran. Had more members than Southperry, but less active. Only had 23 (counting myself) with over 1000 posts. It also had 1/3 of the posts of Southperry, 102,948. While I had a post count of 54,188 before it closed.

  9. Default

    The point is that Isaac doesn't post crap.

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    indeed, he is a bot programmed by Fiel :)

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    Helping people, debates, casual conversation that you find on every forum that exists. Yeah, totally crap.

  12. Default

    He's probably depressed and that's why he's not responding. Thanks for pointing it out like a jerk, jerk.

  13. Default

    Hey, that means we have to SPAM MAOR!!'re not counting admin posts are you? >_> I mean, that's pretty unfair.

  14. Flatpanel TV
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    Wow, how much do I count for... .00001%?

  15. Default

    I don't think it was a cheat...he gave birth to Southperry after a 36 hour labor period, and I assume he made the very first post.

    Edit: I found it! The very first post on Southperry. It's been updated quite a bit, but I found it. That'd give him 100% of the post count.
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