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    Vallard and Amanda won. O.O

    Flrmbutt? Really? Whatever happened to Nexon being Nazis at names?

    Is it just me, or do the last 2 pics on the Maple Day not work when you click the links?
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    If I still I had my old NX, I would had won Ugly Duckling hands down.

    I know I have people on the forums to vouch for me.

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    Why are all the Twin winners couples? As if anyone would marry their fraternal twin...

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    Antipasta won for both Twin Day and Orange Day?

    That's... not right.

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    I was thinking the same thing. >.>

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    People should really learn to close their chat boxes before submiting for these events >_> Otherwise, we just see them spamming the same text over and over.

    Some of these were pretty good, and others were...just mediocre. I see a few igns that I recognize and gratz to those who won.. Anyone from SP win? lol

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    I remember I submitted for opposite day. >_> When you go to upload, there's a thing that says this:

    So I cropped mine. Guess what size all the winners are. >_>

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    yea it did the same thing to me too,

    it won't upload my screen shot cause supposely it's too big, so i cropped it down a bit...

    how the heck?



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