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  1. Default Southperry Dungeon Fighters

    I have collected a list of Southperry Dungeon Fighters in different formats to for people to buddy and see who plays DFO.
    Here are your fellow Southperry Dungeon Fighters.

    If any information is incorrect please post it here or contact me, so I can change it.

    Last Updated: November 10th, 2010 09:47pm PST
    (Includes up to post 129)

    By Alphabetical Username

    By Alphabetical IGN

    By Post Date

    By Class and Sub-Class

    By Level, Updating...
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  2. Default

    Please add my Summoner and Witch, NdFeBMage and NdFeBMage2 (So creative I know )

  3. Default

    Change my characters, my main is SerraTheWiz, she's a battle mage, i deleted the gunner xd

    SP name: Zephyr
    Character name: SerraTheWiz
    Character class: Mage
    Character sub class: Battle Mage
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  4. Default

    My character is Allisace now. Believe it or not, I accidentally deleted my first gunner. Pretty retarded. No sub-class yet.

  5. Default

    Might as well leave these here now.

    Gritto is to become a Witch, and Chinchillin is to become a Striker.


  7. Default

    Slayer is a lvl 23 Asura now. Mage is 13, still deciding between battlemage and witch cause both are awesome :(

    and lvl 9 fighter Athira. Leaning towards Nen Master.

  8. Default

    You have me listed as a Mage on the Alphabetical IGN list, but that's not necessary. I don't play it.

    My main is Fatalize the level 26 Exorcist


  10. Helium Atom
    IGN: SuperMario63
    Server: Culverin
    Level: 999
    Job: Shadower
    Guild: xD
    Alliance: :D


    Level 40 as of October 26th 9:58 PM EDT~~~;3 (LolEST on Sunday x.x)

    Playing around at Spider's Lair ;P
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  11. Eos Scammed Me. Bi Male
    IGN: Ryninagha
    Server: Windia
    Level: 16x
    Job: Dark Knight
    Guild: EmoCorner
    Alliance: EmoNight


    Sequacious is my current Gunner (Lv.11), but I intend to remake him. New IGN will be ImagineAll (also a gunner).

  12. Default

    I'm on a new character - MechMonk. Still a monk obviously, and is now level 31.

  13. Default

    Cleveritis - Spitfire

    Not playing until they do something about the exp rate. It's a f'ucking pain already at lv21

  14. Default

    The lists have been updated.

    ZephyrZx, MechPaul, Zwitter, and xMasteMah have been taken out of the list and the following have been Added/Changed:

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  19. Default

    Been taking it REAL easy for level 37. The stupid updater doesn't want to work here, so I'll just patch when I get home tomorrow. Two days I didn't use my fatigue and today will be another. I should be 38 tomorrow, though.

    I've been getting back into MS more lately, so DFO is probably going to remain slow for the last couple levels.

  20. Default

    I've started playing MS again as well, so I will be dividing my time. I will say I enjoy DFO a lot more, but the community in MS makes it fun too. I LOVED fighting the Balrog boss.



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