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  1. Default [Game Update] Ver.78 - Unscheduled Maintenance

    They actually fixed the saddle for all three Cygnus mounts.

  2. Default

    Dang, should've farmed tokens today =/

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    Noooooo the hat and belt will be a pain to get now.

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    - Remove Dark Tokens being dropped from Jr. Newtie

    Sigh...I never get to experience the good things.

  5. Default

    So dark coins dropping from newties were a glitch.. Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to kill the balrog boss without dying 100 times.

  6. Default

    There goes my hopes of easily getting a decent belt.

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    So glad I spent that time glitch abusing today. Never would've gotten any of that stuff without it.

  8. Default


    Well, just as expected. hopefully with such a mega patch this is the last patch to fix gltiches. not like asiasoft going through 5 versions for their epsiode 2 launch

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    Glad I got 2 belts before this. Too bad none of them turned out godly. I envy my guildie who got 7att belt =(

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    Oh yes, it's a shame we all can't take advantage of an obvious glitch. Wahh.

    Get over it and work for it.

    My only fear is that they didn't mention the whole "box that drops the doll only appears once and then is gone until the next SC/Maintenance".

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    Boo, the only belt I got became 0 attack.

    What normally drops the Dark Tokens anyways?

  12. Default

    Only Bosses.

  13. Default

    Good thing I made a 7 attack belt today XD.

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    Dammit, Why didn't I farm them more. I should of learnt first to exploit glitches always win!

  15. Default

    I just said holy crap out loud.

  16. Default

    *sigh* I never get to abuse the good glitches.

    Even if bosses drop them at a 100% rate, I can't see myself farming 450 coins for a belt + 3 chaos.

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    they need to update the drops for tokens... you can still have them be uncommon but boss only is a ridiculous expectation. I'll attempt to keep getting them and scrolling, but how the hell is someone supposed to do this in a busy server?...

    theres alot of people who camp mini bosses in bello, i cant imagine how it would be in other servers...

    they really should rebalance the event, i love the belts but you could easily balance them out better. more common but untradable/etc

    the amount of items you need to make the halloween pots is also pretty ridiculous >___>



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