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  1. Default The Pre-patcher Thread


    Want pre-patcher support? Consider donating.

    Note: Even if I'm not able to post the pre-patcher before the Nexon servers come online, I will still be posting a pre-patcher in this topic as soon as I am able. Many users have reported the futility of using the Nexon auto-patcher and would prefer to use this pre-patcher instead.

    I am not your tech support. You do this at your own risk. These pre-patchers are not endorsed by or affiliated with Nexon America in any way, shape, or form.

    Link (0.60 - 0.61) -->

    Link (0.58 - 0.59) --> <--- this is the one updated as of 3:17 PM on the FTP
    (MD5: 5a0641ca5b7789a77410c51eeb546f4e) (Size: 28,483,584 bytes)

    Link (0.55 - 0.56) -->
    (MD5: 7bf049cfc23225ca5690f545e4f93116) (Size: 171,151,360 bytes)

    Due to the Character.wz bug, no 0.55 pre-patcher will be posted.

    1. What is a pre-patcher?
    2. How do you create a patcher early?
    3. Why should I trust this? Is there a keylogger?
    4. But what about people who have their games corrupted by using this patcher? They have to redownload the entire game to keep playing Maple!
    5. I can't use this patcher because it says that Base.wz is corrupted OR My patcher keeps freezing at Base.wz
    6. What if they change the patch data after I've patched?
    7. I don't get it. How do I use this patcher?
    8. I created my own pre-patcher, can you include the link to it in this thread?
    9. How do I create my own manual patcher?

    1.Q: What is a pre-patcher?
    1.A: A pre-patcher is an executable file that will patch your game before the Nexon login servers come up. Using this pre-patcher means that immediately once the Nexon login servers come online, you will not need to use the auto-patcher in order to play the game.

    2.Q: How do you create a patcher early?
    2.A: Nexon posts the *.patch files online before the login servers come up. It's possible to create a pre-patcher using those files on the FTP.

    3.Q: Why should I trust this? Is there a keylogger?
    3.A: There are several reasons why this is a trustworthy program:

    1. The source for how to create this pre-patcher in Python is provided below (super easy to make in Python too!):


    2. Another common objection to this pre-patcher is that there is a noticeable size difference between my own pre-patcher and Nexon's official patcher (usually on the order of about 1 megabyte). The reason for this is that Nexon's newer patcher contains a lot of useless GUI-related items in their patcher. This pre-patcher does away with a lot of that, therefore resulting in a slightly smaller patch size.

    4.Q: But what about people who have their games corrupted by using this patcher? They have to redownload the entire game to keep playing Maple!
    4.A: That is always a risk, but not a risk that can't be avoided with due precaution. Before you use the patcher, copy your entire Maplestory folder and save it to another directory. Use the pre-patcher on your original Maplestory folder. If the pre-patcher fails, use your backup copy instead.

    5.Q: I can't use this patcher because it says that Base.wz is corrupted OR My patcher keeps freezing at Base.wz
    5.A: This is another common problem dealing with all of Nexon's patchers, whether it's using this pre-patcher or the manual patcher on their website. To alleviate this problem somewhat (especially because I've never had this problem with any patcher I've created), I've included my own base.wz file that I've used to patch to the newest version. Try to use this base.wz file instead of your own for a greater success in patching.

    If you're still having problems with a stuck patcher, see vnc's thread on how to "unstick" it.

    6.Q: What if they change the patch data after I've patched?
    6.A: That's a possibility, and it has happened a few times before. In that case, I will remove the link for that patch as soon as possible and upload a new patcher. Secondly, if you take careful precaution as done in the "corrupted games" question above, this shouldn't be an issue for you.

    7.Q: I don't get it. How do I use this patcher?
    7.A: Follow these simple steps:
    1. Click on the Megaupload link
    2. On the top portion of the screen to the right of the MegaUpload logo, it states "Please enter ____ here:" Type those three letters/numbers into the box. Click download.
    3. Wait for the 45 seconds, then click on "download" under the free column. Download the ZIP file to your Maplestory directory.
    4. Go to your Maplestory directory and double click on the ZIP file. There should be two files inside the zip file - Base.wz and ManualPatcher.exe. Run ManualPatcher.exe
    5. The program now needs to know where Maplestory is installed. Usually the program can auto-detect where the installation is, but this auto-detection can be incorrect if you have multiple versions of Maple (JMS, KMS, EMS) installed on your computer. Make sure that you select the correct directory.
    6. Click OK. Maplestory will begin patching!
    If you can't figure out how to use the pre-patcher past this point, there's really nothing else I can do to help you.

    8.Q: I created my own pre-patcher, can you include the link in this thread?
    8.A: In the interest of security for the general population of Maplers, I will not be accepting any links for any other pre-patchers

    9.Q: How do I create my own manual patcher?
    9.A: These directions will change from patch to patch due to the version numbers. But simply replace "55" in the following with your current version number and "56" with the version you're patching to.

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    YAY!Pre-Patcher Thread is back =)

  3. Default

    definently gonna help me out =D
    I wonder when the next patch will be? Can't wait for crimsonwood

  4. Default

    I would say next week.

    Nexon still owes us an August patch.

    Hurray! Pre-patcher's back!

  5. Default

    Fiel delivers! This should really come in handy with most of my friends, they always get problems when auto-patching.

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    Yay! Thankyou Fiel! I can't wait to use this!

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    Thanks alot, Fiel. Due to my failure internet I'm having a problem auto-patching, so this is gonna help me alot, especially for the CK patch, which sounds big.

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    Thanks for making the Pre-Patcher public again.

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    In the first post I've updated the manual patch creator to be a "stronger" creator. It can now detect more technical errors and it will create an error log for the user if the program runs into an error.

  10. Default you...just not in a gay way

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    I hated the normal patcher when all the pineappleing 7 year olds are clogging up the server...

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    Cant wait till v59 prepatcher is released...

    Also,Fiel..gimmie the Chinchilla on your avatar pleaaaaaaaaaasee??@_@

  13. Talking

    Thanks for making it public again, SP will be crowded now
    Last edited by Chanpz; 2008-08-12 at 09:39 AM.

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    No, I didn't upload a pre-patcher.

    I just wanted to say that I updated the patcher script on the first page. Now the script will search through your current folder to find the *.patch files to use. You don't need to edit the script any more to put in the version numbers. Also, the patcher script creates a verbose log of everything it does for the user to see in a text file.

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    Oh, I've noticed the ManualPatch.base link doesn't work. Could you possibly upload it somewhere else?

  16. Default

    Nah, it's just case sensitive and I'm bad like that:

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    The pre-patcher is currently being uploaded.

    The extraction is now being shown to donators.

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    Wouldn't there be a high chance of patch-issues? I would assume that they may reupload the .patch stuff, at least there would most likely seem to be a chance for it.

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    If that happens, then I'll just re-upload. It's not a problem, really.

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    Pre-patcher is posted.



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