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  1. Default Ludibrium Hair Coupon Issue Fixed

    hey look, transparency and communication. Sort of.

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    They should do this more often. Not mistakes... I mean, but posting about corrections they make. Perhaps the one good thing they've done?

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    Wouldn't that be a novel step towards recognizable character growth?

    One can only hope.

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    They need to fix the Pink Bean issue too =(

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    When they say it won't be fixed until the 30th, they shouldn't be saying it IS fixed yet.

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    I'm curious to see what the compensation for having gotten multiple hair tickets from the Cash Gach thing...will they give you like four Ludi EXP coupons or what?

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    If you got 4 reg coupons, then yes.

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    what's the issue?

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    Apparently the bean pet's description says comes with its own nametag and quotebox. Some will read this as that it comes with the 2 pet rings, others, like me, would simply say it means the bean can use those.

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    oo you guys ment the pet

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    Their communication really is improving. I'm looking forward more announcements like this.

    They need to keep making them.

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    It means neither. It means that PB has its own nametag (the special pink thing around its name) and the special quotebox (the pink around where it talks). Where does it talk about equipping rings...? I don't think it's misleading at all.

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    Well for every other pet, except the panda when it first got released, they need to use the rings to get the effect. If the Pink Bean comes with the effect already without equips, then the claim that it's not working would be invalid in the first place.



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