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  1. Default Cygnus Knights Teaser Site Events Winners

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    Don't really like the emblems, but some of the knights turned out awesome. I'd take that TV.

  3. Mercury
    IGN: 0Chuey0
    Server: Windia
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    In all seriousness, I like Noibela's emblem a lot. The drawings... not so much!

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    Is it just me, or does the bottom left emblem have the pirates' color and the bowmens' color mixed up?

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    .....Those suck.

    The only /good/ one is the Blaze Wizard Grand Prize.

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    My Emblem, my (purposely crappy) Cygnus Leader.

    Disappointed at Nexon, but not because of my entries not winning anything, I could care less, but Lanique's Oz not being even mention, they don't know how to judge.

  8. ~Thrust Into It~ Straight Male
    IGN: Sn1perel1te
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    Hahahha, the bottom right of the cygnus symbol is a total ripoff of Final Fantasy

    I mean wtp? stick all the weapons INTO shinsoo, thats a smart idea

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    Thanks Loose I liked your emblem a lot. Lanique's Oz has a hint of Gillian Anderson, looks way better than what won.
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    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
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    I actually enjoyed the 4 winners' stuff. The drawings suck balls though.

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    Sethelah emblem, it has too much crap on it in a small space, no way that can be an emblem. What I do really like is the tiny orbs' things. Though it's kinda hard to see which represents what class.

    KittyKittan emblem, I like idea, but it's really well made. Especially the flame.

    Noibela emblem, too simple, don't like the background (stars sky). The colors are good, but the emblems for each class are weird, they ain't consistent. Mage, Wizard and Bowmen are the weapon, Pirate is a skull (thought it represented Night Walker, Poison Sling).

    Brachs emblem, besides the bad quality (or trying to make bad quality look good), it also has too much stuff. And... THERE'S A DAMN GUN ON IT!!! My girlfriend says it looks like a menu cover for a restaurant.

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    Oh wow, I just remembered that.
    ...I can't believe that didn't win.

  13. I AM NOW "Mute"
    IGN: Stephen
    Server: U.S.A.
    Level: 21
    Job: None
    Guild: No where
    Alliance: Unemployment


    Maplestory, made for 12 year olds, by 12 year olds, with 12 year olds.

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    If there's a reason why that didn't win, it looked like the artistry was not in the "spirit" of MapleStory style, plus the direction of the girl in its entirety is facing is straight at the viewers. I have not seen a picture that looked great where there was a lone subject was looking straight at the viewers; it's just not a good posture to use in general.

  15. Default

    Okay, that is a load of crap. It's so utterly ridiculous that that didn't win, let alone PLACE. How do they go about "judging" these?

    I don't know the contest rules. Was it stated it had to be a certain style? Even if it isn't "Maplestoryish" enough, it's still leagues better (simply better) than the winners.
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    This won.

    Now, I'm 95% sure Nexon chooses winners at random.



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