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Thread: [Notice] Extended Website Maintenance

  1. Default Extended Website Maintenance

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    that would be awesome

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    YOUR BACK!??!?!
    just thought of web-sight maintenance might mean the adding of a certain web page

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    A) Tespia already has a site and is still dead.
    B) Adding a new site to the mix doesn't require any downtime at all

    They might take this chance to resurrect it, but it's far more likely they'd have been trumpeting that one by now to get people excited again since it was on their promise list.

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    I know the sight is already up but i mean bringing it back because of the run time errors and stuff.
    you guys are so picky ;-;
    EDIT: the rankings fixed now?
    at least for me...

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    That run time error isn't exactly a problem with the site - it's because they deleted it and didn't take out the alias. It's not an error so much as an intentional "go away nothing to see here".

    They did that already, and they woudln't be taking down the sites for every game just to fix Maple's ranks.

    Could be another revamp to the announcement system all the games are sharing. Could include something with the ranks too, but definitely can't be the only reason.

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    sure looks like it. only 3600 #1 cygnus now.

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    I'm hoping for a redesign, but it's unlikely because they're bringing down the website for all the games. I don't think they'd redesign every page would they?

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    It could also be about them taking down iTCG and not wanting anyone to be logged in and causing complications.

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    All games in patches
    All web pages in maintenance
    For this short period of time nexon america doesn't exists.

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    They're just playing hard to get.

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    I lol'd
    By the way what I would do for a web sight redesign
    I'd buy a condact bar for a redesign

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    Yeah.. I wish.

    I don't think they're going to bring it up at all.

    In fact, I don't expect Tespia until late Semptember / October. Or maybe (most likely) not at all.

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    A redesign would be nice, though I think this would be more fix fixing the NX Charging errors people have been getting with game cards. Last I knew it still wasn't fixed.

    My big wish, a forum rebuild/redesign!

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    The website is up already, and there is no redesign.
    Last edited by MiSSHaku; 2009-08-26 at 08:30 AM.

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    I thought its still in maintenance..
    its lagging like hell..



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