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    IGN: ClawofBeta
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    "3. You acknowledge that in the event there is damage to your computer as a result of this service, you agree that Nexon shall not be held liable for any damages or changes in your computer and you shall not look to Nexon to compensate you or make any restitution for any damages of any kind in this situation. In the event of a problem, your only remedy is to deal directly with Ahn Lab.

    4. You acknowledge that in the process of fixing the problem of your computer, Nexon and Ahn Lab may have access to private information contained inside your computer and you shall not hold Nexon liable in the event that said private information is retrieved, whether by accident or otherwise and/or disseminated."

    I laughed hard. Again.

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    Why? Those are perfectly reasonable disclaimers. Why should Nexon be held accountable for something Ahn does?

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    so i get a free remote accessible admin exploit AND a rootkit? talk about value
    ps: someone figure out what ports this runs on so i can block it forever



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