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    Yup, another new modification.

    With this modification, you can keep all of your favorite threads close at hand. How to do? Follow these instructions.

    1. Find a thread you like. I've chosen this one from the Funhouse.

    2. Enter the thread and click on "Thread Tools". There you will see the button to add it as a favorite.

    3. After clicking on the button in #2, you will be able to name your favorite as you so choose. Disregard the "type: thread" portion.

    4. After you've added your first favorite, you'll see a new addition to the Navbar. This will mean all of your favorite topics will be close at hand.

    5. If you click on "Complete list..." from #4, you'll see the following part in your User CP. From there you can delete or modify your favorite threads.

    If you remove all of your favorites, the "Favorites" part disappears from your Navbar.

    There are other sections to this mod that are currently disabled - favorite posts and favorite users. If enough people want to see these features enabled, I'll consider doing it.

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    I lol'd. That would be your favorite huh Paul? xD

    This tool is pretty awesome, I've been wanting something like this for awhile.

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    You're not using 40 posts per page? What the hell. And since we already can sub to threads I don't see much point to this.

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    I like having it in the Navbar better than buried in the User CP. Plus, it's a lot easier to use.

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    I only view 20 posts per page. PROBLEM?

    I think this is pretty neat. I never subscribed to threads, but I can definitely see myself using this.

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    Now to find and fave all of the Shawn Johnson posts.

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    Yes, actually. You aren't using the forum to it's fullest, and any person knows using anything other than 40 posts per page is made of fail.

    Anyway, I never sub to threads and I most likely will never favorite threads either.

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    This seems pretty nice. I know which threads I'm going to favorite right now.

    I also use 20 posts per page. I like it that way.

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    Know what Fiel?

    I lol-ed hard.


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    awesome nice update :)



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