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  1. Post Ask a Warrior Thread.

    What is the "Ask a Warrior Thread?"

    It is a thread (hopefully sticked!) that will allow you to ask as many questions you can ask to the Warriors of Maple. They will try their best to answer your question/concern.

    How do I do this?

    All you have to do post your question/concern. It would be very helpful if the question was to the point, specific, and preferably readable! It's just so that the Warriors can understand you. :D

    Example questions:

    • Should I get Spear Crusher or Polearm Fury first?
    • Is Rage still useful?
    • Should I use a Rigbol, a Sparta, or Dragon Claymore?
    • Should I go Hybrid?
    Basic Information:

    • A Warrior's primary and only stat is Strength.
    • Accuracy is very important for a Warrior to be able to hit a certain monster they are training on.
      • 1 Dex=.8 Accuracy
      • 1 Luck=.5 Accuracy
      • 1 Point of Mastery=1 Accuracy
    Frequently asked questions: (coming soon)
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  2. Default

    Where to train as a warrior from levels 60~90?

  3. Default

    What class? It depends on your class of warrior. ^^

  4. Default

    Oh yeah forgot. Fighter/Crusader.

  5. Default

    I'd say 60 ~ 75 at either STDs or Voodoo/Hoodoo, after that you could move to either wolf spiders, dual ghost pirates, death teddies or kentaurus.

  6. Axe Lord
    IGN: Normalizer
    Server: Scania
    Level: 18x
    Job: Hero
    Guild: KoMII
    Alliance: Knights of Maple


    I was wondering about achilles. I have 14 points in it at the moment but I really don't see much of a diffference. It appears I take just as much damage as a warrior without it. Someone suggested the damage seen does not reflect the actual damage taken. Any truth to that? I've put off putting any more points into it and will be maxing Rush instead... currently at 23. Then it'll be either Achilles or Monster Magnet. Even if Achilles doesn't do much... it's got to be better than Monster Magnet.

  7. Default

    Well, I was at zombies from 57-66(maybe 67) beacuse that was all I had. I think v/hoodoos are better exp then zombies for 6x classes. ^^ From 67-70 I was at FOG. FOG was awsome. ^^ I went back there till about 75, and that's when I went to DT's(Death teddies) till 80. 80~86 I went to duals and either soloed or partied. At 87 I went to gobies till 94. ^^ After that, if your wondering, I went to himes. xP

  8. Default

    I recall seeing something like on Sleepywood. Check how the amount actually subtracted from your HP compares with the number on the screen.

  9. Default

    I'm pretty sure someone said the numbers you see are the same because otherwise, PG wouldn't be at it's full potential. But you still take less damage, you actually take less than is shown. Try getting hit without PG and see how much goes off your HP, and then with. It'd be nice to confirm this.

    As for Achilles vs Monster Magnet, honestly, Monster magnet is a waste of time. Why get something to drag them towards you, when you can rush instead, gain movement, avoid M.ATK's and do damage on the way? Plus ofcourse the fact you keep HP after being 1/1'd with Achilles, I'd say achilles is best.

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    No it's true. The damage seen in the orange numbers don't reflect the damage you take in your HP bar. Also if I can recall right Achilles also protects against magic damage, although it doesn't say so. If you really want to see results, go on a boss run and have them use a 1/1 attack on you. You'll notice your HP won't get reduced to 1, but rather subtract the percentage and leave that much HP. So if you had 30,000 HP, and took a 1/1, you'd have approximately 4500 HP remaining instead of 1 even though your damage sustained might read as 29,999.

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    You could try out Gryphons at Mountain Cliffs as another alternative to STD's and V/Hoodoos, especially if either of the two maps are crowded.

  12. Default

    Each time you level, you gain 5 AP yeah? People put those into HP, and since HP/MP count as the same, they reset them out of MP into their main stat (Warriors, STR.) That way they gain more HP each level.

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    Pretty much, yeah. But that's why people wear INT gear in order to gain more MP per level up. I think 20 INT = 2 mp extra per level up, and each reset is around -4? I'm not sure on these numbers since I don't HP wash myself, but you get the idea.

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    Speaking of which, I found an HP washing guide from mSEA, I'll repost it as a new thread.

  15. Default

    How long would it take a 8x WK to hit the HP cap if they HP washed? 40-50 levels?

  16. Default

    It depends on your starting base and whether or not you use int gear (and the quality of it) each time you level. Check here for the math equations and add to your base per level etc. to determine the max level. Judging from your start at 8x, you'd reach the cap fairly early.

  17. Default

    Anyone know what range is required to 2hko skeles, zerk 20, with some degree of stability?

  18. Default %/Hr for Dk at Himes

    What is the %/hr i would get at himes for a lvl 100Dk with Fury? What is the %/hr with and w/o a priest,and what equips are recomended?



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