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  1. Default Login Server Upgrade + Special 2x EXP Event!

  2. Default

    Revised version that doesn't look like it was written by a monkey on crack who can't learn copy/paste.

  3. Default

    Lol, gg Nexon. You sure do know how to c&p.

    Even got Thursday & GMT wrong.

  4. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
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    Free 2x Event that I never attended? Cool.

    But lol at Nexon spelling Thurday.

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    I thought the 2x EXP event was meant to be for Scania only. ._.

  6. Default

    And? They decided to give it to everyone.

  7. Default

    Might be easier to actually get in game now, but for Scania all channels except channel 19 are still lagging badly. ;x I guess it'll get less in a few days or weeks.

  8. Default

    They may add more channels during the SC on tuesday while fixing HT Pendants.

  9. Default

    Lets hope so. For the extra channels that is, I'm on both sides with the HT pendant thing, even though it most likely wasn't intended yeah. :P

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    Their reply to my ticket from last week asking if that was an intended side effect arrived just before I posted that.


    Translation - We had no idea it was doing that, we don't know if it's supposed to do that because it's not in our knowledge base, please stand by while I forward to someone who speaks Maplese.
    Last edited by Eos; 2009-08-01 at 07:39 PM.

  11. Default

    That made me lol. Nice translation, sure sounds like Nexon indeed. :P

    Well, it's basically their standard reply when you ask/inform about a bug/glitch by sending a ticket. Or the 'It's working as intended' thing. Got it a few times as well when I tried reporting a bug/glitch.

    They seriously need to work on communication a bit more though. It's been a few days now, and everyone's waiting to see a notice about the false bans and the HT pendants it seems. I know I won't be doing anything with mine after I get unbanned, as long as there hasn't been a notice or fix yet.

  12. Default

    Of course, Eos. They're the lowest on the food-chain since they're just Customer Service/Helpdesk, but then again... Nexon sucks since they can't even answer the simplest of questions without making an automated-response, let alone in-game questions. -rollseyes-

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    I know, it serves as something of a barometer though for which end of the spectrum your bug falls into, "completely unheard of so far" or "heard of but discounted because of course the players can't possibly know anything about what's going on in the game". Apparently I was in the former this time. Wee.

    And that of course is just an Amen to a choir we're all singing in. Sigh.

  14. Default

    This is one of the few times I really hope they pineapple over the players that exploited this glitch.

  15. Default

    Seems oddly aggressive, any reason?

    The BF abusers were far more worthy of absolute nuking IMO.

  16. Default

    Yeah, trying getting into HT on scania when there isnt a glitch to abuse.

    Oh I agree about the bigfoot abusers. They should have been hit harder, expect the massive collateral damage from Nexons response actually makes me worried about who is likely to get unfairly targetted this time.

  17. Default

    That makes it more sensible.

    Mardia is blessedly shy on people who could exploit it too badly, and I'm happy to have heard that one of the few groups capable of even going decided beforehand that they wouldn't abuse the glitch.



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