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  1. Default All timeless and reverse items list

    For a listing of the materials required to make these equips, please see eos367's Alchemy Recipes thread.



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    Lol. Never knew a hammer had anything to do with music.

    Seriously, though, wth is an Alchupiz? (Apparently a spear)

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    Seconded, as well as the bonus status effect and skills that are possible to get.

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    aren't the stats random? So it'll be complicated.

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    well, if ayumilove is right, its not that complicated

    it seems its just 0-2 atk per level, 1-2 primary stat and 0-1 secondary stat per level.
    for mages she says its 1-4 m.atk.

    i think the scarier part about all of that gear is that its not taking into account the high-grade jewels you will be using to craft it - assuming that anyone who takes their time to make reverse/timeless gear will be willing to spend out of their pocket for Tier 3 jewels.

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    The armors are more varied though. That only applies to weapons. for stats on levelup

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    right. i mean, even if this IS GMS this content isnt exclusive to us, so we wont have atk leveling up on armors. not yet atleast -

    what im more interested in is the status effects on these weapons. i know its what makes reverse and timeless so sought after, but these new weapon systems only make me wish they would be implemented more so on other weapons, i.e. 10% chance for any drop to have a 5% xyz status effect. would be incredibly useful for classes with multiple hits at least, but would, for the same reason, have to be limited.

    but thats a topic for another thread. meh

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    The status effects were not implemented to my knowledge in any version.

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    Updated, but still not quite where I want it.

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    How does the lvl up work with scrolling? Does it matter if the item is scrolled or do you get the effects either way?

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    just wanting clairification on this, are the lvl up atk gain on the weapons 1-2 or is it 0-2? if its 1-2 thats would be great and i know for sure a solid min atk i need on the gun, but if its 0-2 than i might be hessitant for it wince i can get however many stats and how many levels give the gain (i hear its 5 but ive also herd its 6>.>)

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    Reverse equips level three times from 1-4, and timeless is 5 from 1-6, right?

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    Are Guns really 1~2 on level up? If so...

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    I know this is a pretty nooby question, but what's the difference between timeless and reverse? To me it seems like timeless is better in every way: better stats to begin with AND more level ups.

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    Timeless equips require Rocks of Time that are dropped by our pink friend...

    Reverse equips require Pieces of Time that are dropped by monsters in the Time Temple.

    So Timeless equips are better, but Reverse equips are easy to forge in comparison.

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    Hey fiel, could you add which skills you can get once you get the weapon/armor to max level?

    I'm mostly interested in the pirate ones, since in the previous threads, it only displayed: "ID number"+1.

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    Updated to include number of times you can level and the skill earned upon the final level.



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