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    Yay, more Scanians in Bellocan! (And a handful of Mardians O.o)
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    Yes we're aware. You'll note he brought over MaiBigSword the SC prior too.

    Double your pleasure, double your fun.

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    dont worry, he may be gone, but we still have our fair share of plantain heads with this new spam whisp hack.. they wont let ppl HT unless they get 1egg and 1 pend. and it'll be the same when we try to PB.

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    Yeah, our own brand of fail tried that here too.
    Extortion is a nice new low for these worthless creatures.

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    Thanks for this! Was wondering where one of my friends moved off too without telling me lol

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    its ok though, it'll get patched and they'll all run back to their little fm1 and go back to botting permits all day again

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    Forgive my unkindness, but i'll just continue to hope for a house to drop on them.

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    Precisely such.
    Today was actually pitiful - They resorted to smegas telling me I'm ugly.


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    Hopefully some changes in the near future will avert some of this.

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    Not unless they give the MWLB the blessed power of denying smega's and/or otherwise muting troublesome players.

    That right there would make them heroes until one of them went and abused it.

    Although that does the raise the question of whether the MWLB will be able to do anything about the people constantly smegaing for illicit transactions, like buying crap for payal.

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    Same as anything else, I'd suppose - uberReport and notify GM?

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    Yes, but I was pondering what they would even file that under.

    It's an already logged activity for one. If the GMs are ignoring it now... What good will a report about it do?

    At least the new Alert Interface when it works automatically catches the names of people in your chat dialog so they MWLB won't have to try to figure out the name and chase them down to do the report.

    Oh well. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. No point assuming it will sink before it even gets out of the dock.

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    IGN: EastTimor
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 201
    Job: All of them
    Guild: Faith
    Alliance: Solace
    Farm: Travel


    I was wondering where MaiBigSword's smegas went off to...

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    The part I find funny is the guy who offered 50m on my shoes moved out of Bello. O-o
    No wonder I couldn't find him...

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    What's so special about your shoes?

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    Added 7/23

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    Aww poor Scania. They have iGuzzle now. =\



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