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  1. Default Unscheduled Server Maintenance

  2. Default

    What's this about? The supposed hacking issue? o_o

  3. Default

    More likely the supposed monster book fix.

  4. Default

    I thought it was fixed o_o

  5. Default

    Well they said they intended to compensate the correct players during next week's SC in the notice so I don't really think so. But who knows.

  6. Default

    or hopefully to fix the new dc hack where ppl can spam hack you via whisps even when ur whisps are blocked.

  7. Default

    Nexon usually have unscheduled SC's when its CS related and costing them money.

    /end Cynicism

  8. Default

    Maybe because the SC didn't happen yet? I dunno. Unless that was a response to another person.

  9. Default

    I don't get why he said that either but it's not uncommon for erich to come into a topic and say something that either makes no sense contextually or is completely uninformed.

  10. Default

    He could be saying that this is to fix the people who are still bugged after the last alleged fix.

    But then again he could just have really poor english.

  11. Default

    I meant that, they never fixed the shuffle, as it still is happening to people who looted it before, new cards from un-bugged people just stopped shuffling the book. My bad.

  12. Neutron
    IGN: motomage
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 18x
    Job: I/L arch mage
    Guild: Forsaken
    Alliance: Honour/Pirates


    L> double compensation for my monster book being glitched still :3

  13. Sassy Stranger Male
    IGN: SlayerZach
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: YES
    Job: Paladin
    Guild: Phoenix
    Farm: SlayerZach


    I just saw you b'itching about the server check a few min ago. lol

  14. Default

    Looking for an EST conversion of that SC time. <.< . . . Cause uh, I worked like 45 hours this past week.. Saturday is the ONLY day I can 2x and grind on, fuuuu--------!!!

  15. Default

    thats 3-6 AM EST

  16. Default

    I hope all the monster book things get sorted out this time. By that I mean Nexon does the monster book roll back, compensation, and end the shuffle problem. I just hope this doesn't become a problem again the next time new cards get added to the monster book.

    I'm really looking forward to being able to hunt cards again.

  17. Default

    Did looting new cards mess up peoples Book that had been ok before? I want to look for some cards again.

  18. Default

    Oh I just realised what this is probably about. Earlier I glanced over and noticed a marquee about something going on with all channels below 10. It said something like "try and use channels 10 and higher."

    Anyone else notice it?



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