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Thread: [Aran] Ask an Aran thread.

  1. Default Ask an Aran thread.

    What is the "Ask an Aran Thread?"

    It is a thread (please sticky!) that will allow you to ask as many questions you can ask to the Arans of Maple. They will try their best to answer your question/concern.

    How do I do this?

    All you have to do post your question/concern. It would be very helpful if the question was to the point, specific, and preferably readable! It's just so that the Aran can understand you. .

    Example/Frequently questions:
    • Max Booster or Combat Step?
    • DEX, Low-DEX, DEX-less?
    • Which Pole Arm should I use for my level and/or stats?

    Basic Information:
    • The Aran class is very similar to the Warrior class in AP make-up. In fact, it IS a Warrior, and can wear Warrior-specific equipment.
    • The main weapon for Arans are Pole Arms, and unlike Spearman, there is no option of using spears (most skills require an equipped Pole Arm).
    • The Aran class is unique to Maple because of the combo-sequences required to use skills.
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    # Max Booster or Combat Step?

    This is personal preference. You should get level 15 booster for the +3 speed, but after that is just more time. In my opinion, Step is pretty useless so I would leave that as the lowest I can whilst the other skills in 1st job are maxed.

    # DEX, Low-DEX, DEX-less?

    When I played in kMS, I went with 30 DEX, simply because it allowed me to hit basic things without much accuracy equips, but it didn't over do it. However, if you have the money, by all means go DEXless just as you would with a warrior. Same stat-builds as warriors, so you could ask a high level warrior for this info

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    Indeed. You have the choice of maxing 3 of the 4 skills, and you're going to be slacking 4 points total on whatever you leave out. Preference I suppose, step is very useful @ higher levels for getting in-between gaps of monsters faster to keep your combo going.

    Basically, what you'd lose with Max Booster is a larger step and Max Step = Shorter booster.

  4. Default

    However, IMO, the usefulness of max Booster over-rails max step, since Level 5 is enough for me.

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    Heh. I somewhat regret maxing Hax Step, since the main use is off ledges and slants, and even at level 1 you still fly off the ledge.

    Oh well, good thing it's not a huge loss...

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    To me, the healing skill in 2nd job s utterly worthless, so I'd skimp on it to max Booster/step.

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    I will definitely get back to that when I get that skill. Reading the tables, it sounds useless. ;-; Like one of those skills I just cbf to use. Ever.

    Not like 4 SP from it would kill it either way.


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    From what I've heard, maxed Drain removes any need for HP potions.
    I'd rather that than another 40 seconds of Booster.

    5% per mob.
    I hit a total of 300 or so per mob? 5% of that is 15 HP. True. not a lot, but multiply that by 10... and it comes out to 150 HP per Triple Hit.
    Sounds like it could add up.
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  9. Default

    it totally kills your combo though, which prevents you from being able to use any of your other skills. I maxed it on my first test server aran but I haven't on any since then because of how little I used it the first time.

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    Other than some 4th job, don't most skills just require 30 combo? That really doesn't take that long. 15 seconds, ish, on mobby maps. o.-

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    What is an Aran?

    Why are there these... "Arans?"

    Where do they hail from?

    And how!?

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    Probably even less than that later on. And the more damage you do on the later levels, the less you would need hp pots. This would be a great asset in TT mobs coupled together with Snow Charge slowing down the monsters.

    Get 30 combo, use Drain, get 200, use Combo Barrier, repeat if necessary.

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    Simplest answers in bold. :>

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    how use full is the aran class in parties? i know that they get nice party buffs in 4th job but be for that are they wanted in parties for anything , else like killing speed ? also how fast is the training speed for an aran ?( is it difficult to train like a gunslinger in 2nd job or is it just as easy as training a normal warrior)

    P.s i don't meat to offend any of the gunslingers but i found it to be bloody hell in 2nd job

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    They are gods in Carnival PQ. Continuous spawn? Yespls.
    Not to mention they can hit 4k to any mob within the range of Magic claw, roughly, every 30 combos at 45 if they max Combo Smash.

    Hawaii during the Ice Age. Black Magician cursed them. :<

    Since combo is how many mobs you hit, I'd imagine it's easier to get high combos fast at lower levels, when you're hitting a dozen mobs two or three times before they die. Temple of Time mobs are very spread out, compared to say... Scorpions in Ariant.

    5% of 10k damage is helpful though.
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    Just throwing this in there, I'm pretty sure only 2 skills require 30 combo, 1 requires 100 combo, and 1 requires 200.

    Correct my numbers please...:p

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    What levels you need to be in order to unlock the quests for what skills?
    And how do the hidden skills work?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Guild: Century (leader)
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    It kills your combo if you don't max it (120 seconds between having to recast?)
    Drain is extremely useful for the poor arans out there, and the other arans that don't want to use pots constantly.
    Drain is perfect at 15 at the moment, but that's because i'm only at c-2. You could take 4 points out of rush (making it 8 or 9 instead of 10 mobs) if you actually wanted to max booster.

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    Quoting Rigumaro from EllinForest.

    Skill quests are at these levels:
    Lvl 10 - Combo.
    Lvl 22 - Booster.
    Lvl 31 - Mastery.
    Lvl 37 - Combo Drain.
    Lvl 45 - Combo Smash
    Lvl 54 - "Pushing enemies skill" (Forgot name ._.)



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