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    So Closed Beta Results are out and I am one of te lucky ones to be selected to be a tester. Here is the main site for the game If you applied you must be logged in then click on the tab to see the results.

    Just curious if any Southperry members are as excited for this game as I am.

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    Nice! I was selected to be a Closed Beta Tester as well. :D

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    Woot I am only pissed that the period starts the day that Cygnus is supposed to be released for GMS.

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    Wow... You're right! >< DAMN! That's the day Cygnus is released in JMS as well, and I plan on getting my Soul Master to 100+ ASAP, so I guess I won't get to test this game out very much. ><

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    UGH hopefully i have a new comp by then BTW ShiKage what class were you planning on creating anyway?

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    Uh, I'm not sure, really. On Arad Senki (the JP version) I played for about a night and made a Knight (I forgot what it's called), so that's probably the class I'll go with first.

    Also! The GMS&JMS patches are on the night of the 28th, which means we get a few hours or a day to play it (depending on what time they open the servers), since the JMS and GMS servers won't open back up until the 29th. But, once the Cygnus patches end, I'm going hard-core grinding on my Soul Master for a few months, so I'm going to give my friend my DFO Nexon Account, since he didn't get in CBT. lol

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    I got picked too! I'm super excited for it. This might be the game I quit maple for, but we'll see. I might go hard-core debugging to win some of those prizes they're giving away. That, and rank doesn't really matter to me. I'm planning on making a ranger, but I might be swayed to another class.

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    Yay another person. I seriously want this game now. Did you visit the DFO forums yet All the people on there basically got denied and theres millions of hilarious trolling attempts there. I was seriously entertained by all their conspiracy theories with the selection process.

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    I finally managed to log on and find out that I got accepted! I think I'm going to make a Striker and a Launcher. MAYBE an Asura.

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    *points to siggy*

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    I'll see y'all there on the 28th. pineapple Cygnus. For now anyways.

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    I got accepted as well. Wonder if there are guilds/clans in there... >_> SP clan?

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    I dont really know why I am looking at this thread but this kind of brings up a stupid damage whore point so you can reconsider your class. Frankly half the people there are damage whoring but being percent based isnt gonna make or break you since all the upgrades can be done yourself really easily by paying in game currency in with items dropped from every monster

    Here's the thread if you are concerned about class choices it may help a little though the guy is really one sided into forcing you to play fixed classes

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    Perhaps it's like that for the reason that fixed classes are better no matter how you slice it - like LUK versus LUKless

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    It kinda upset me because the two classes I was really looking forward to are both 5% fixed 95% percentage but I have no clue how that will actually affect my damage so witch and berzerker are now intriguing me

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    If it is true that percent damagers are harder to fund, I might start off with something with more fixed damage, like Witch. But how hard is it to make money in this game? If it isn't too bad I might stick to Ranger.

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    Darn, I didn't apply and didn't make it. And just now I'm looking at it and seeing how nice it looks.

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    All I know is that the items required for upgrading weapons are extremely common and drop from every monster at a given percent but I have no clue how easy it is to make money in game. The people on the Nexon Forums are all pissed off because a majority of them did not make it so they are constantly trolling those on there that are known CB testers which makes it hard to find any consistent information.

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    Anyone know if multiple characters per account? I'd like to try a massively % damager and a fixed damager.

    Well, now that I found the Closed Beta letter in my spam box... ... Guess bug reporting will be fun.

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    Yes, you can have multiple characters on one account. I think I read you start off with 12 or something. Maybe it was only 8? Either way, it's more than you can have on Maple. But if it's just the beta, they might make it only one until the full release.



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