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    XD True that.

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    Oh boy, everything that was a common drop a few years ago that nobody wanted then, only now you have to pay money!


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    They better be dropping from normal mobs too, and also where is the Purple Surfboard? :P

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    Awwwww, shit. Better hide the Puce.


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    They wont be, not when Nexon can make money from them in Gachapon.

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    This x4

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    Nexon is seriously destroying their own game like this.

    These things used to drop from actual mobs during the last few summer events. >_>; Now they're gachapon only or what?! Hopefully they drop from mobs as well, but then no one would gach for them. So it's very unlikely, knowing Nexon.

    Last year the Summer events were way more fun, this is nothing really. :x

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    B>All above avg Red Surfboards, hit me up.

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    Bunch of horses'hit! >_< Just cause they gave a few updates doesn't mean they can attempt to rip us off like this.

    ...did they mess up on the name of Gold Snowboard, or am I imagining things?

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    WOW! What an awesome event! I'm seriously going to spend like, $70 to get that Duck Tube!!

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    Bah and to think these dropped like mad in past summer events.. Nexon is so proud of themselves they even forgot to make Independence Hat dropable from monsters last July 4th.

    Oh Nexon, what have you done to us fellow players.

  12. UnregisteredX2

    Default rage x 190

    nexon hates pure pa dks, tht was the only reason i would even spend money on this lame ass event
    to get that purple board. but now ill just buy the red ones in fm. dam nexon



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