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  1. Harrisonized

    Default Maple Music Videos

    My friend really likes to make these, but I think... what is the point?

    1) People who make MMVs rip off a song from somebody else, meaning the work is not really theirs... major plagiarism.
    2) Big deal... you can type in the lyrics that you didn't write.
    3) People who write their own songs copyright it and usually make their own 'real' music videos. What's the point in copying them?
    4) There are way too many of the same MMVs to popular songs that it gets really redundant.
    5) They're not difficult to make, so therefore are not major accomplishments for the maker. (Like for example, the recent movie, The Dark Knight isn't really original either, but it was a great movie. MMVs can never add such quality.)

    The purpose of the 'arts' is entertainment.
    Video's are made for the purpose of entertaining others. However, why bother trying to entertain others when you know that it's not going to? I'm not trying to troll, but seriously, if you're trying to do something, at least try doing a decent job instead of half assing it. D:
    Most of the MMVs I see are the ones in which people merely type in the lyrics of the song... most of the scenes aren't even related to the song itself. Like, for example, some song would be singing about how cold something/someone is, and then you'd see the person typing that part of the lyrics in Ariant. -.-"
    In art, a picture is supposed to appeal to the sight while music appeals to the mood. In a video, the picture and music should blend in order to give you an impression on what was happening during the time of the scene. For example, you wouldn't play happy music during a murder scene, because it wouldn't fit. Similarly, you wouldn't kill a video by making it bland and tasteless.
    That's what I'm trying to point out.

    So, having said that, what do you think? (No drama please.)
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  2. Default

    The couple MMVs I've seen were trash, that just had characters saying the lyrics or unrelated maple scenes. However, AMVs (anime music videos) are the same concept and many of them are well done. By putting a certain combination of music and video together, you can create something that wasn't present before, often humorous. Search Youtube for AMV Hell 4 to see some great examples.

    I would love to see a collection of MMV's in the same vein as the AMV Hell series (many short, funny MMV's strung together). Anyway, what I'm saying is that MMVs *can* be good, it's just that people go in the wrong direction with them.
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  3. Default

    Its at the point where when I see the title "MMV" on a video thread in SW, I dont bother watching it. It does get repetitive when you see characters showing text over and over again though there are MMVs that do "stand out".

    As I said, the bar's been raised for the quality of MMVs, yet the horribly made ones still continued to be churned out every hour. I believe that if your video is good enough, people WILL watch it. There's a reason why the following "MMVs" have tonnes of views and are considered highly successful:


    Stuff like that I dont mind watching. However, the mere dictation of text, that's not a MMV. That's blasphemy and an insult to the original artists.

  4. Harrisonized


    Wow Jackk, where did you ever find those two videos? Whenever I go to Youtube and search up "MMV", I usually find results that are crappy... people playing the music to screenshots of their characters typing in the lyrics.

  5. Default

    I dont know if you can tell or not, but Im a major "MS film" watcher (it stimulates thinking and iono, at times random ideas come from watching other people's videos that help improve things I make) and those that stand out to me I usually mentally tab and remember characteristics, making them easy to find.

    First one was made by a friend and the second one was fairly popular on maple sites around a year and a half ago (I have long term memory xD)?

    I dont know if it works, but if you want to try finding good ones, you can always try searching by rating/view count rather than relevance. I find that that usually finds the better videos (If they suck, they wont have too many views. If they have a good rating, they either have a good song or the video is well put together).

    Edit: I take that back. I just searched by rating and by views and most of the top ones suck, LOL. Just ask me for some links or something.

  6. Default

    wow jackk those 2 mmvs were awesome

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    This one amused me a lil... and I do mean a lil.




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