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  1. Default Looking for an Agent? Here's where to find them.

    For some odd reason, though, I could not find Agent P anywhere.

    Agent W
    Hidden Street : Agent HQ

    Agent C
    Hidden Street : 1st Accompaniment (Bonus)
    Hidden Street : Shortcut
    Hidden Street : Tower of Goddess (Blessing of Goddess)
    Hidden Street : Abandoned Tower(Determine to adventure)
    Hidden Street : Wu Yang Giving Thanks
    Hidden Street : Romeo and Juliet
    Hidden Street : Romeo and Juliet
    Forest of Poison Haze : Ellin's Forest

    Agent O
    Victoria Road : The Rain-Forest East of Henesys
    Dungeon : Sleepy Dungeon IV
    Dungeon : Ant Tunnel II
    Ludibrium : Eos Tower 76th ~ 90th Floor
    Leafre : Battlefield of Fire and Water
    Leafre : The Dragon Nest Left Behind
    Leafre : Destroyed Dragon Nest
    Sunset Road : Sahel 2
    Alcadno Research Institute : Lab - Area C-1

    Agent E
    Victoria Road : Henesys
    Victoria Road : Ellinia
    Victoria Road : Perion
    Victoria Road : Kerning City
    Victoria Road : Lith Harbor
    Dungeon : Sleepywood
    Victoria Road : Nautilus Harbor
    El Nath : El Nath
    Omega Sector : Omega Sector
    Korean Folk Town : Korean Folk Town
    Aquarium : The Center Hall
    Leafre : Leafre
    Mu Lung : Mu Lung
    Herb Town : Herb Town
    The Burning Road : Ariant
    Sunset Road : Magatia

    Agent Meow
    Hidden Street : Exclusive Training Center
    Hidden Street : Resting Spot I
    Hidden Street : Resting Spot II
    Hidden Street : Resting Spot III
    Hidden Street : Resting Spot IV
    Hidden Street : Last Resting Spot
    (and throughout the boss raid)

    Agent Kitty
    Hidden Street : Exclusive Training Center
    Hidden Street : Resting Spot I
    Hidden Street : Resting Spot II
    Hidden Street : Resting Spot III
    Hidden Street : Resting Spot IV
    Hidden Street : Last Resting Spot

    Agent W
    Hidden Street : Watermelon Field Exit

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    You can also find Agent C at the end of Henesys PQ, which has no level limit.

  3. Neutron
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    Everyone can meet every Agent. There's always Henesys PQ for the high and low levels.

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    Just a general PQ question. Is there a certain lvl gap you can't exceed for Henesys PQ? I know in the Boss PQ, you can't have a gap of 30.

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    So you have to do a PQ 100 times? Crap....

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    It depends on how many of those scrolls you get per PQ, I think you can get more than 5 per PQ. But don't quote me on it.

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    Agent E in Magatia is missing, the NPC is there in the mini-map, but you can't see him in the actual map.

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    Same for Lith. I saw the NPC on the mini map but I couldn't actually find it, lol.

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    Which quest does one do to get these "chaos scrolls" for the items? Unless I'm mistaken and there's no such thing.

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    Daily Quest given to you by Agent E. She asks you to do one of three quests, get 5 watermelons, get one agent badge, and get 50 right on the quiz. Which one she gives you is random.

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    Also...It turns out PQ monsters drop the Documents. So one needs 100 documents to get the Titanium Receiver. Right?

    And for Agent O's quests with the minidungeons...Does the box give out more than one badge? Cause if it only gives 1, that means 50 hours of sitting in mini dungeons for the leather gloves...

    EDIT: and do Master M's command scrolls only drop for Boss Raid monsters, or do all monsters drop it?
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    You get the possibility of a Chaos Scroll from the "Today's Mission!" quest. Agent E gives you a box that gives a random prize. The Chaos Scroll only works on Agent equips though, and it expires after 24 hours if you don't use it. ;\

    My friend and I got 10+ of the Intelligence Scrolls in one HPQ, so it isn't too hard to get those.

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    Indeed it does.

  14. かっか! Straight Male
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    You can also get the boxes after getting at least five red badges for the day (You can get one every hour when one of the agents lightbulbs ya.).

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    Same with the El Nath one.

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    They're bugged. You have to walk at them from a certain direction or some stupid pomegranate like that. I can only see the Leafre Agent if I pass a certain spot on its right, otherwise, she disappears if I walk too far to the left.



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