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  1. Default The case for ciders

    Warrior Elixirs seem to be the most popular type of attack potion, and yet they are the most expensive one. They cost 5k mesos for 8 minutes of 12 ATK. Yet ciders cost 1k mesos for 5 minutes of 20 ATK (yes, that bug where it only lasted 3 minutes was fixed). However, many still choose to get the warrior elixirs only because they can stack 100 per slot of inventory. While "use" inventory is at a premium for many classes, there are still many good reasons to use ciders instead of warrior elixirs.

    1) They're cheaper - Over a timespan of 40 minutes, you will have spent 25k on warrior elixirs and 8k on ciders. The warrior elixirs are more then 3x the cost and for less benefit.

    2) They provide more ATK - Sometimes the extra 8 ATK can make the difference between 3HKO and 2HKO which can greatly boost exp/hr.

    3) Much easier access - It's a lot easier to get access to Showa Town to buy ciders than to get access to NLC to buy warrior elixirs. This is especially true if you normally train in Aqua or Ludibrium and don't have an NLC mule.

    1) Impractical for accuracy starved classes - Yes, ciders reduce accuracy by 5. This is only a problem for warriors, brawlers, and perma-beginners, though. If the 5 accuracy won't make a difference between 100% hit rate it might be a good idea to use ciders.

    2) Takes up more "use" inventory - Only one cider is allowed per slot. For classes that need more use inventory than others (NLs are the primary target, gunslingers slightly less so), ciders might be a bad choice.

    So, why do you use warrior elixirs instead of ciders? I prefer ciders.

  2. Default

    This is why:


    I'm just too cheap to expand my slots. :\
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    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
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    I'm always near or in NLC, so warrior elixers are easier to get for me than ciders. Plus, more use space.

  4. Default

    I like my inventory space. I can train for three hours or so before I have to recharge, and I most definitely can't fit that many Ciders in my puny inventory.

  5. Default

    I also prefer Ciders. I have enough inventory space to carry 16 Ciders, meaning I can train for 80 minutes. If I happen to train longer than that, then I just switch to the Warrior Elixirs I carry around. At the moment, I am trying to MTS my way to max inventory slots.

  6. Default

    Because whether I'm soloing in Peak or soloing/partying in Skele mini-dungeon, I go through pots quite quickly. I fill my inventory with pots so that I can train for long periods of time (2-4 hours) without having to repot.

    A) I'm too cheap to upgrade my Use slots.
    B) The small benefit Ciders give me during training is not worth it anyway.

    I use Warrior Elixirs for training because I can still get an att benefit without having to sacrifice a ton of slots or make unnecessary trips during a training session. Ciders work MUCH better for bossing, which is the only thing I use them for.

  7. Default

    Expanding inventory slots until you have enough room for 4 hours' worth of ciders is a pretty nice way to pseudo-gain 8 attack (12 -> 20). People pay lots for 8 att more on weapons or whatever.

  8. Default

    I wish I had the NX to expand my slots. I only have 3 available use slots right now so I can't really fit them all. I guess I can clean some stuff out (like my banana pies that I'll never use) but I don't feel I really need that extra boost anyway. Also, I have to use my mule to get them and transferring is a hassle.

    I do use Ciders when I hunt HH though because Mo is right there to sell them.

    And I feel warrior elixirs is a lot more accessible than ciders is. With the amount of great training maps in Masteria, it's not hard to find a friend that can buy you a bunch or you can even stack up a few hundred yourself. Each stack of 100 is 800 minutes. Thats 12+ hours of training with a single stack.
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  9. Default

    I support ciders!

  10. Default

    I use them on my Hermit. 12 slots is 90 minutes, and matches up well with ~19 sets of stars. @ 33 slots it's quite a bit of space though I'm hoping to improve the situation with Shadow Claw. (currently 2 cider ~ 3 stars? Would be 2 cider ~ 1.5 stars at max, so 18 cider + 14 stars or so)

    I'd top out around 36 slots without certain junk but it's annoying to keep getting rid of it.

  11. Default

    ^5. I used to use those.

    Oh wait, nvm. I was thinking Leafre baby dragon food?
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  12. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Septher
    Server: vengeance
    Level: 172
    Job: ShAHHHdower


    I enjoy being able to train for a total of twelve hours without having to repot once, and I'd rather not have an extra 3 ATK change that. I'd only use Ciders over Warrior Elixirs if I upgraded my USE six, maybe seven times.

  13. Default

    For 40.8k NX spent extending the slots, you'll have enough space for 4hr long of cider, for another 20.4k, you'll have another 2hr. This could be great if getting 8more attacks for you costs more than 61.2K NX.

    Repotting it would be a pain tho, you can't just type in 50 to buy 50.

    I think she meant the skill? o.O

  14. Default

    Repotting a Hermit is already a pain... B> Recharge All button. For ciders you just double click, press enter, until your inventory is full (in Showa) or press NPC, NPC, down down down down down down down down down, NPC, Y, NPC to repot at Mo.

  15. Default

    Yeah. I was evidently thinking something else..

  16. Default

    After buying enough pots to last me about 6 hours of Skele I never have more than one or two USE slots left. And that's only after having nothing in my inv but a ridiculous amount of stars (42 sets right now). Problem with non-stacking crap like Ciders is that by the time people move to monstaz such as Skele and co, almost everyone dumps their USE full of pots and Ciders become impractical for just about everyone. Unless you only train short amounts of time, in which case you're a platypus. Or terrorist

  17. Default

    He, and yes.

  18. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs


    I only now reserve Ciders for my Hermit when he bosses Chimera, since one Alchemist Cider is enough to clear all 19 channels.

    On Brawler? Somewhat redundant since I get a +20 attack bubble.

  19. Neutron
    IGN: Hayandra
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 2xx
    Job: Sharp Object
    Guild: PrettyPantys
    Farm: Dereliction


    Because going from Crimsonwood Keep to Showa and back again is too long to travel every 30 minutes.

    When I read the topic I thought you meant some sort of carrying case for ciders that could hold several ciders in 1 slot >_>

    edit: Apparently Mo sells them. I don't like Mo.
    Also, I tested it out, they hardly make a difference for me anyway. And I really don't like Mo.
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