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  1. Default Ereb raw quest data extraction


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    Not sweet. Me don't like the name Erev. I hope GMS will get EREB.

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    Ereb > Erev. Stupid Spaniards making B sound like V. (JK)

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    Holy hell, page stretching.
    How exciting! :D

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    Wow, already translated? Awesome.


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    Amazing. Can't wait for KoC!

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    lol translations.

    Oh god. Atleast these aren't the final names.

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    Me either, I sure do love the Titis.

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    Well of course. Who doesn't?

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    King of titis is talking, isn't he?

    Gotta love that name.
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    The monster itself speaks for its name... Titis >_>

    This is MSEA's data, right?

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    i actually hate Ereb lol
    it sounds er less better
    and ur right it happens in hebrew too b>v sometimes lol so we say levanon instead lebanon arav instead of arab and now erev instead of ereb!
    better! xD
    on topic-> wtp how many quests are there in ereb? and are these only cygnus or event quests some are..?
    holy pomegranate!! maple goes p0rno style wtp! why do we need to know whos the weakest titty? lol!
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    I like it better with the colour formatting turned into bbcode :P


    for future reference, replace:
    #b with ['color="Blue"]
    #d with ['color="Purple"]
    #r with ['color="Red"]
    #g with ['color="Green"]
    #e with ['b] // this might need assistance to actually work out, #k ends all codes
    #k with ['/color]
    using id# xxxxxxxx,
    #axxxxxn# with quantity of quest requirement n for quest xxxxxx (killing monsters: eg. 0 / 1)
    #mxxxxxxx# with map name
    #oxxxxxxx# with monster's name
    #pxxxxxxx# with NPC's name
    #ixxxxxxx# with item's picture // #vxxxxxxxx# is an alternative
    #cxxxxxxx# with current quantity held of item
    #txxxxxxx# with item's name // #zxxxxxxxx# is an alternative
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    I said it was raw for a reason. :)

    I still have to implement regex stuff to parse this code. When I do, though, it won't be raw anymore.

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    I realize that but I had to do that to look at it and I figured I might as well post it :/

    I didn't do anything complicated, just s/\n2/\n\n2/, s/\\n/\n/, s/#b/['color="blue"]/, s/#k/[/'color]/ type things.

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    Well, when I begin working on quest stuff for my WZ Reading Library, I'll know who to hit up for help on regex. :)



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