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  1. Default [Fiel Reviews] Golem's Castle Ruins for Slingers

    Q: Where is Golem's Castle Ruins?
    A: It's by Sleepywood on the way down to FoG. Enter the right house in Sleepywood. Descend down three maps and you should see the mini-dungeon entrance directly below the entrance portal.

    Q: What levels are good for this place?
    A: 50 - 70

    Q: Why should I go there instead of Windraiders?
    A: Several reasons. [#1] You can't recharge bullets in NLC, but you can recharge bullets in Sleepywood. Recharging bullets is a pain in the ass. [#2] No having to worry about silly jump quests, dying from Elderwraiths, or CCing on a Bigfoot. [#3] The EXP/hr is comparable to what you'd get at Windraiders anyway. [#4] Since you're in a mini-dungeon, you never have to fight for a map. Hardly anyone else trains here, and Windraiders are a highly contested area in NLC. [#5] Glove for attack scrolls, anyone?

    Q: How much EXP were you getting per hour?
    A: I'm getting roughly 35 - 45% per hour at level 66. Of course, your mileage may vary. Also, there's a right way to do this map and a very, very wrong way to do this map.

    Q: Recommended skills or equips?
    A: You must have max Invisible shot. Blank shot can help in certain situations. Extra jump couldn't hurt.


    Anyway, enough with the FAQ. Let's have a look at the map.


    The spawn here is better than it looks on the map above. There are generally 2 - 4 mobs per platform, and a block of five steps separating each set of platforms down the middle.

    Like I said before, there's a right way to do this map and a wrong way to do this map. The key to this map is to use invisible shot as much as possible. It's all in how you navigate the steps in the middle.



    Why is one right and one wrong? The right one allows you to use invisible shot on two rows of golems, thus increasing the possibility of mobbing, damage output, and exp/hour. The wrong way ensures that your invisible shot will only hit one row. Also, if you need to snipe off one last golem, the double fire bullets can pierce through the platforms from the bottom, but not from the top. It is always, always better to be on a good platform than a bad platform.

    Furthermore, it's also important to never chase after golems to the edges of the map. You may have a golem spawn on top of you, and that only leaves you with blank shot to work with. Then you have to take damage and retreat back to the blocks you just jumped off. Definitely a bad move. Stay on the blocks! The only reason you should jump onto the platforms is if you are looting drops. Not chasing golems also applies to the very bottom of the map. Always stay on a good block and use invisible shot.

    If you have any other strategies, please post them here! I'm always open for suggestions. Good luck at this map.

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    Sounds like surprisingly impressive EXP. Good luck on Outlaw.

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    I don't remember getting anywhere near that exp at ~68. Then again, I was only there for like an hour. Are your figures on the current event exp, btw?

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    Yes they are based on the current event exp.

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    so you only moving between the 2 platforms ? that are below both? also can you see what drops from the right(as in not wrong) platforms if something is killed on the bottom one?

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    Nice review Fiel! and about the recharging bullets problem: once you're able to 2hko-3hko Windraiders, your bullet consumption will lower. I have about 14 sets of Vitals and 2 sets of Glaze Capsulse which can last me for 4 hours.

    Again, to all those Gunslingers, you guys should follow Fiels review on how to train at Golem Mini Dungeon.

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    No, it's just the theory that you always want to be on a "right" platform. A "right" platform is one in which you can attack two rows of golems instead of one. So it's not that you're switching between two platforms, but two types of platforms.

    As for your second question, yes, you can see what is dropped but only because the drops pop up into the air after the mob is killed before they fall to the ground. It's actually difficult to see the ground floor.

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    And here I thought I was the only one that thought golem castle > lower ascent around that lvl range

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    Your first image broke .

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    Works fine for me? Maybe it's just my cache.

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    It works fine for me, and I'm viewing this thread for the first time so it can't be my cache.

    Looks nice. Have you tried partying? Seems like for a soloist only a small fraction of the map gets used.

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    i dont really think golem castle is very good for people with burst, and with burst, tornado corridor is a MUCH better alternative (assuming you have a family member to warp you up)

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    I don't know if the spawn rate is high enough to allow for a party.

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    I think it's best if you solo in the map as a Gunslinger.

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    From my own experience there, starting at lv 51, the map is great. It's cheap, has good, frequent drops, and is about 4maps away from a pot store (which are giant vertical drops, allowing you to get to it quickly). Once you can 3hit with Invisible Shot, your exp will jump back up after slowly dropping each level. The same will probably happen when you can 2hit, by which point you should be nearing or at 7x and working on Burst Fire for Windraiders. It's also a good source of gold ores and black crystals, and, during this event anyway, there is a possibility of Maple Guns dropping. Max recoil is great for finishing off a single enemy and simultaneously launching yourself onto the opposite "good" platform to invis the other side.

    tldr: Fun map, cheap, easy, stable spawn, low chance of death.

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    I saw that mini dugeon layout and was all wtp AMAZING.
    THink it would work for Arrow bombers?

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    Level 61 now, will try ^^
    Ill come back with results later :o

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    I've recently started training , using your tips and it seems to be great exp for me . I'm level 64 right now . i haven't calculated the % per hour but its better then me training at roids and neoroids. then again might not but it feels quicker . the only problem i had is not looting all the things . but what can you do better to kill more then to take time looting stuff .

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    Just found a nice strategy while I was training the other night in this mini-dungeon.

    I finally found a use for Grenade! It turns out that launching a max-charged grenade is perfect for aggroing the mobs that are stuck on the edges of the map. The only bad part is that you almost have to be on a bad platform in order to get the range necessary to launch a grenade at the correct distance. However, it's good to launch a grenade out there, attack a different platform, then return to the grenaded platform to finish off the mobs.

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    Nvm, I think I was misinterpreting the training method.



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